Re-purchase and Transfer of Enea Shares

Re-purchase and Transfer of Enea Shares Enea Data AB has re-purchased another 151 350 shares for a total of SEK 908 thousand to be used together with earlier re-purchased 116 605 shares in order to fulfil purchase agreements regarding the acquisitions of Enea Redina AB (1999) and Enea TekSci Inc (2000). To a defined group of employees in Enea Redina AB, Enea Data AB transfers without any compensation 193 075 shares in Enea Data AB. The recipients are responsible for income tax and any capital gains tax. The distribution of the remaining 74 880 shares, relating to the acquisition of Enea TekSci Inc, will be settled during 2002. For more information please contact: Karl Gustaf Ekfeldt, tel: +46 8 50 71 42 66, email The Enea Group offers products, services and training for system and product developers mainly within communication and safety critical applications as well as to other companies where high quality is essential. Our more than 30 years of experience and concept within real-time system contributes to our clients´ fast and safe product development for advanced applications. Enea´s world leading real-time operating system OSE is the kernel in many products from data- and telecom providers. The Enea Group, today counting 880 employees, is located, apart from Sweden where HQ resides at Täby, in Finland, Germany, France, England, Japan and USA, where the HQ for the subsidiary OSE Systems is in San José. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: