Eniro and Bonnier to launch voice and web-based portal

Eniro and Bonnier to launch voice and web-based portal Eniro is to acquire a 75 per cent holding in the telephone and web-based directory service, "Svar om Stockholm" (Stockholm Answers). As a result of the deal, Bonnier and Eniro will embark upon a far-reaching cooperation to develop a new, joint service that will be marketed under the "Eniro - Svar om Sverige" (Eniro - Sweden Answers) brand name. The agreement means that Eniro will acquire a 75 per cent holding in Bonniers' "Svar om Stockholm" - a telephone and Internet-based directory service aimed at both the private and business user markets. The "Svar om Stockholm" directory encompasses some 50,000 business contacts, and provides information about products, services, opening hours and special offers. Thus far, the service has been so successful that, in 2000 alone, more than 700,000 inquiries were received via its combined telephone and Internet portal. Eniro plans to invest SEK 10 million in the deal and also holds an option to acquire the remaining 25 per cent of the company's shares within the next three years. The new service is expected to generate a turnover of approximately SEK 100 million within the coming 36 months. Bonnier is committed to contribute with advertising space, valued in excess of SEK 50 million, in its various media. This will be used to promote the service. - "Bonniers' collective know-how and resources in the media industry combined with Eniro's knowledge of database management and sales will provide us with a solid platform from which to create a truly customer- useful voice portal," comments Peter Kusendahl, President of Eniro in Sverige. "Information from Gula Sidorna (the Swedish Yellow Pages) and "Svar om Stockholm" will be combined into a dedicated, user-friendly information service that will cover the needs of the entire country." The rapid rise in the use of the Internet, coupled with an tremendous increase in mobile telephony traffic means that the need for a service such as "Svar om Stockholm" has never been greater. The Swedish market is currently estimated to be worth somewhere in the region of SEK 600 million annually. Eniro's "Svar om Sverige" service is expected to handle somewhere in the region of 3 to 6 million inquiries from all over Sweden per year. The cooperation between Eniro and Bonniers also includes an agreement which means that "Eniro - Svar om Sverige" will also be available as a searchable service, as part of Bonniers' Internet offering. For further information, contact: Peter Kusendahl, President, Eniro Sweden AB. Tel: +46 70 322 30 33 or +46 8 704 35 33 Anna-Carin Gripwall, Vice president, Corporate Communications, Eniro AB. Tel: +46 8 634 70 04 or +46 70 349 30 64 Mats Kalvik, Bonnier Venture. Tel: +46 708 36 33 99 Marie-Louise Kjellström, President, Svar om Stockholm. Tel: + 46 450 30 20 or +46 70 5678 098 Eniro AB is northern Europe's leading producer of on and off-line telephone directories. The company generated a 1999 profit of SEK 617 million on earnings of BSEK 2.6. Since Eniro's stock was floated on the stock market on October 10, 2000, the company has made three acquisitions adding a further SEK 750 million to its turnover. Eniro is active in 22 countries and currently employs approximately 2,500 people. In all, Eniro produces 750 different directories with a total print run of 30 million copies. The number of directory inquiries that passed through Eniro's various Internet sites in 2000 is estimated to have been between 50 and 60 million. Svar om Stockholm was first launched in the Stockholm region in October, 1998. Users simply dial 5678-5678 or enter the Internet-based part of the service through www.5678-5678.com. Here they will find a full selection of information about a wide range of services and products. During 2000, Svar om Stockholm handled some 700,000 inquiries, either via telephone or the Internet. The company currently has 35 employees. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/02/09/20010209BIT00470/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/02/09/20010209BIT00470/bit0002.pdf

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Eniro is a Nordic tech company that helps small and medium-sized companies with digital marketing. Eniro also has a search service that aggregates, filters and presents information to help individuals find and come into contact with each other and with companies. The company has about 1,100 employees and operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland through the local domains eniro.se, gulesider.no, krak.dk and degulesider.dk, and Each week, Eniro Group’s digital services have about 5.2 million unique visitors. Eniro is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm [ENRO] and its head office is located in Stockholm.