Eniro Finland to acquire Elisa’s customer service and corporate switchboard outsourcing businesses

The deal strengthens Eniro’s position as the leading provider of customer contact services in Finland. Elisa continues as a provider of contact center systems.

Oy Eniro Finland Ab has acquired Elisa Oyj’s corporate clients’ outsourced customer service and corporate switchboard businesses. The deal strengthens Eniro’s position as the leading developer and provider of customer contact services in Finland. Continuity of the customer service staff means that client services will be unaffected by this deal.

“Our strategy is to increase the customer service solutions business as part of our wide selection of services. With this deal we will be bigger in the market, and we possess some of the top knowledge in the field. This knowledge will enable us to develop even better services that answer to the needs of our clients and their clients in this rapidly evolving market,“ says Kaj Lindholm, CEO of Oy Eniro Finland Ab.

“The deal strengthens Eniro’s position and growth in Finland. Contact center services have a significant role in Eniro’s Voice business area, which includes our directory assistance services. In addition, we foresee a stronger customer proposition for clients both in Finland and in Sweden”, notes Örjan Frid, CEO of Eniro Group.

Eniro’s customer service solutions are marketed under the Sentraali brand in Finland. Service selection includes customer service for corporations and organisations, technical support, corporate switchboard services, social media moderation, sales and customer management - in all channels, where and whenever needed.

The 60 employees working in the acquired business units in Tampere and Turku will be employed by Eniro and join existing staff in Eniro business units in those cities. Including those on short-term contracts, total Eniro staff in Tampere and Turku now number approximately 100.

Customer service solutions are Eniro’s core expertise. Eniro’s way of working is based on a tight partnership: solution planning and channel selection are always based on deep understanding of the client’s business and customer’s behaviour. The growth of e-commerce is driving demand for progressive customer service solutions.

“Eniro is fully prepared and focussing on development of the customer service and switchboard outsourcing businesses. This allows Elisa to focus on digital telecommunications and IT services, including contact center, customer service and CRM systems. We will be recruiting over 100 digital service experts this year”, says Anssi Okkonen, VP of Elisa’s Corporate Customer Business Development Unit.

Besides business acquisition Eniro and Elisa have agreed on wider partnership. Customer contact services are Eniro’s core expertise and they have a high customer satisfaction. This position will be further strengthened by the deal and partnership with Elisa.

For more information, please contact:

Eniro Group, Örjan Frid, President and CEO, tel. +46 70 561 1615, orjan.frid@eniro.com

Oy Eniro Finland Ab (Sentraali), Kaj Lindholm, CEO, tel. +358 50 552 0740, kaj.lindholm@sentraali.fi

Elisa Oyj, Anssi Okkonen, VP, Business Development, tel. +358 50 506 5510, anssi.okkonen@elisa.fi

Eniro Finland / Sentraali - Successful 24/7 customer service solutions.

We manage our corporate customer’s customer service, technical support, moderation, sales and customer management, and corporate switchboard services. We operate wherever our customers are, and serve them by phone, email, web pages and on social media and in chats - whenever and wherever they need us to be, 24/7 if needed. Also, we produce 0100100 services that make every Finn’s life easier, and our 118 number finder. For corporate customers, we offer 0100100 media solutions for better findability and sales promotion. We operate in Helsinki, Kajaani and Tampere with a team of around 250 professionals. We are part of the Eniro Group, listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm, and employ some 1600 people in the Nordic countries and Poland. More information about us: www.sentraali.fi

Elisa is a telecommunications, ICT and digital service company operating mainly in Finland and Estonia.

We serve over 2.8 million customers who have over 6.2 million subscriptions. We provide environmentally sustainable services for communication and entertainment, and tools for organisations to digitalise their operations and improve productivity. As the market leader, we are also a pioneer in new network technologies and innovations, such as 5G. Cooperation with Vodafone and Telenor, among others, enables globally competitive services. Elisa is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Large Cap with approximately 190,000 shareholders. In 2017, revenue was 1.79 billion euros, and the company employed 4,700 people in 13 countries. www.elisa.com, Facebook (@elisasuomi) and Twitter (@ElisaOyj).

Eniro Group

Eniro is a leading search company for individuals and businesses in the Nordic region. With quality-assured content and an unrivaled user experience, Eniro inspires local discoveries and makes local communities thrive. Eniro’s content is available through Internet and mobile services, printed directories, directory assistance and SMS services. Each week Eniro Group’s digital services have 8 million unique visitors. Eniro Group has about 1,600 employees and operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland. The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm [ENRO] and headquartered in Stockholm. More on Eniro at enirogroup.com.

This document has been prepared in Swedish and translated into English. In the event of any discrepancies between the Swedish and the translation, the former shall take precedence.  

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Eniro is a Nordic tech company that helps small and medium-sized companies with digital marketing. Eniro also has a search service that aggregates, filters and presents information to help individuals find and come into contact with each other and with companies. The company has about 1,100 employees and operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland through the local domains eniro.se, gulesider.no, krak.dk and degulesider.dk, and Each week, Eniro Group’s digital services have about 5.2 million unique visitors. Eniro is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm [ENRO] and its head office is located in Stockholm.


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