Eniro sues 'Gulan'

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Eniro Sverige AB has previously obtained an interlocutory injunction on copyright grounds regarding the Internet publication 'Gulan.' Eniro has now filed a lawsuit against TDCF Försäljning BtB AB and Mediaförlaget Företagstele International AB, a subsidiary of TeleDanmark, relating to trademark infringement and infringement of the Swedish Marketing Act. This measure is being taken after giving the publishers an opportunity to take appropriate measures. The basis for Eniro's claim is that 'Gulan' can be confused with Eniro's trademark Gula Sidorna®, which has long been a well recognized and established trademark with a significant reputation.  Eniro claims that TDCF and Mediaförlaget are guilty of trademark infringement and infringement of the Marketing Act through free-riding on Eniro's reputation in that both companies use the symbol Gulan for telephone directories in printed form and on the Internet. In its filing of the lawsuit with the Stockholm County Court, Eniro requests an injunction subject to a fine prohibiting the use of 'Gulan' and a court ruling that Eniro is entitled to damages.