Eniro takes Gulan AB to court

Eniro takes Gulan AB to court Eniro Sverige AB has instituted legal proceedings against Gulan AB and Mediaförlaget Företagstele International AB, subsidiaries of TeleDanmark. The proceedings relate to the violation of Eniro's rights regarding copyright and directory protected material in the network publication of Eniro's service "Gula Sidorna", the Swedish equivalent to Yellow Pages. The proceedings have been instituted following abortive requests to Gulan and Mediaförlaget to implement the relevant measures voluntarily. Eniro claims that substantial parts of the information contained on the website gulan.se has been taken, without consent, from Eniro's network publication Gula Sidorna on the website gulasidorna.se. Consequently, the provision and publication of this information on gulan.se constitute a violation of Eniro's rights. Furthermore, the planned publishing of printed tele-directories with the same content constitutes a violation of Eniro's rights according to the Swedish Copyright Act. In the application to the court, Eniro requests, among other things, that Mediaförlaget and Gulan should immediately desist from the continuation of the violation and erase the information in question from the website gulan.se. For further information: Mikael Engqvist, Chief Legal Officer, Eniro AB, +46-8-634 70 15, +46 70 590 22 79 Anna-Carin Gripwall, Director of Communications, Eniro AB, +46-8-634 70 04, +46 70 349 30 64 www.eniro.com Eniro is the leading directory company in Northern Europe, offline and online. The business has a turnover of SEK 3 004m and an EBITDA of SEK 891m. Since the listing at the OM Stockholm Stock Exchange 10th of October 2000, Eniro has made three acquisitions adding approximately SEK 750m to Eniro's turnover. Eniro operates in 22 countries and has approximately 2 500 employees. In total, Eniro has 750 directory titles, of which 30 million copies are distributed. The number of searches at Eniro's Online-services during year 2000 amount to 55 million. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/02/22/20010222BIT00820/bit0002.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/02/22/20010222BIT00820/bit0002.pdf

About Us

Eniro is a Nordic tech company that helps small and medium-sized companies with digital marketing. Eniro also has a search service that aggregates, filters and presents information to help individuals find and come into contact with each other and with companies. The company has about 1,100 employees and operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland through the local domains eniro.se, gulesider.no, krak.dk and degulesider.dk, and Each week, Eniro Group’s digital services have about 5.2 million unique visitors. Eniro is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm [ENRO] and its head office is located in Stockholm.