The urgency is the customer. The BMW 3 Series is supposed to launch in 2018, so we have a three-year window. If you’re a supplier, you need to be online and you need to be through all of your certifications and processes, and make sure your parts are ready to go when that vehicle rolls off the production line.
Daron Gifford, Management Consulting Partner, Plante Moran
“Manufacturing in central Mexico gives us a strategic advantage not found in other global production locations. The area offers an excellent quality work force and outstanding transportation infrastructure. Our presence in Mexico also enables us to explore new opportunities in the North and South American markets.”
Bob Penicka, President Axiom Industries
Mexico is an excellent location, very close to the most important consumer market in the world, the USA, together with Canada
Roel Spee
The key issue iswhether you serve the market in North America from nearby or from a destination far away such as China or elsewhere in Asia. The supply chain cost is a key factor when looking into transporting goods overseas from China to North America and there is a cost factor associated with that. That is quite different from Mexico, obviously. Transportation costs there are important.
Roel Spee
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems is pleased to announce our continued strategic business relationship with Entrada Group in Fresnillo.
Tank Williams, Senior Vice President of Operations at Meggitt
Since the inception, Meggitt has realized outstanding results with the support of the employees and Entrada Group; together playing an integral role in achieving and maintaining the highest quality output, ISO 9000 certification, and meeting our business objectives.
Tank Williams, Senior Vice President of Operations at Meggitt
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