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Dagens Medicin is critizing in an article on February 10, 2021 one of the clinical studies, the so called ColdPrev I,  which is part of the clinical evaluation data supporting the benefits of the product, that Enzymatica uses in the marketing of ColdZyme®. Enzymatica refuses the criticism and gives the comment below.

ColdZyme is a very well-documented product, whose effect on common cold has been verified in both in vitro studies as well as in vivo studies. An in vitro study from 2017 showed that ColdZyme could deactivate over 90% of the known viruses that cause common colds. The ColdPrev I study, two German multicenter studies and lately a British study of endurance athletes display the clinical benefits of ColdZyme.

In the study that Dagens Medicin addresses, ColdPrev I, the scientists together with experienced statisticians have performed explorative analysis based on data from the study. These analysis, and the criterias for the analysis that were used, have been reviewed and approved by the principal investigator for the study. These results show that for those participants, which had common cold symptoms, the duration of the common cold was reduced by up to 3.5 days. Enzymatica considers that data and criterias for the analysis have been communicated in a clear and transparent way. In the latest British study on endurance athletes it was also shown that the duration of the common cold could be shortened by up to 3.5 days.

ColdZyme was recertified in 2020 according to MDD (Medical Device Directive) by the notified body Eurofins Product Testing. ColdZyme can thereby be sold as class III medical device product within the EU. ColdZyme and its documentation have been reviewed by Eurofins, which is a notified body for medical device products appointed by a competent authority within the EU. Eurofins have reviewed the full documentation, which includes safety, efficacy and product claims.

ColdZyme has contributed in a positive way to the common cold category in Sweden and internationally by adding a large group of loyal consumers. We look forward to continuing our effort to create value within the category by marketing of a safe, efficient and well-documented product.

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