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The shareholders of Episurf Medical AB (publ) (“Episurf” or the “Company”) gathered in Stockholm, Sweden, on Monday 8 April 2019 for the Annual General Meeting.

The income statements and the balance sheets for the Company and the group were approved and the Board of Directors and the CEO were discharged from liability for the financial year 2018.

The Meeting resolved to allocate the result in accordance with the proposal of the Board of Directors in the Annual Report.

In accordance with the proposal by the Nomination Committee (i) Dennis Stripe, Wilder Fulford, Christian Krüeger, Leif Ryd and Laura Shunk were re-elected as members of the Board of Directors, and (ii) Dennis Stripe was re-elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In accordance with the proposal by the Nomination Committee, the Meeting resolved that total fees of SEK 1,100,000 are to be paid to the Board of Directors, of which SEK 400,000 to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, SEK 200,000 to each of Wilder Fulford, Christian Krüeger and Laura Shunk and SEK 100,000 to Leif Ryd. No fees are to be paid for committee work.

In accordance with the proposal by the Nomination Committee, the registered accounting firm KPMG AB was re-elected as the auditor of the Company, with the authorised public accountant Duane Swanson as the auditor in charge. The auditors’ fee shall be paid upon approval of their invoice.

The Meeting approved the Nomination Committee’s proposal on the nomination procedure for the Nomination Committee for the Annual General Meeting 2020.

The Meeting approved the Board of Directors’ proposal regarding guidelines for remuneration to senior executives.

Finally, the Meeting resolved to authorise the Board of Directors to, during the period until the next Annual General Meeting, on one or more occasions, with or without deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights, resolve on new issues of shares, convertibles and/or warrants in the Company. The number of shares issued by virtue of authorisation of the Meeting shall amount to not more than that is allowed within the, from time to time applicable, limits set forth in the Articles of Association of the Company when resolving on deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights.

Episurf Medical AB (publ)

The Board of Directors

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About Episurf Medical

Episurf Medical is endeavoring to bring people with painful joint injuries a more active, healthier life through the availability of minimally invasive and individualised treatment alternatives. Episurf Medical’s Episealer® individualised implants and Epiguide® surgical drill guides are developed for treating localised cartilage injury in joints. Episurf Medical’s μiFidelity® system enables implants to be cost-efficiently tailored to each individual’s unique injury for the optimal fit and minimal intervention. Episurf Medical’s head office is in Stockholm, Sweden. Its share (EPIS B) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information, go to the company’s website: