Bulletin from the extraordinary general meeting in EQL Pharma AB on 26 October 2022

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Today, on 26 October 2022, an extraordinary general meeting was held in EQL Pharma AB. The meeting was held only by advance voting (postal vote) in accordance with temporary legislation. A summary of the adopted resolutions follows below. All resolutions were adopted with the required majority of votes.

Resolution on implementation of a long-term incentive program

The meeting resolved in accordance with the proposal from the board of directors to implement a long-term incentive program for the company’s Chief Operating Officer, based on issue of warrants.

The warrants program shall comprise a maximum of 70,000 warrants. Each warrant entitles the right to subscribe for one new share in the company for a subscription price per share corresponding to 200 per cent of the volume weighted average price according to Spotlight Stock Market’s official price list for shares in the company during the ten trading days that follows immediately after the publication of the company's interim report for July – September 2022. The warrants shall be issued to the fair market value of the warrants at the time of subscription, which shall be determined by an independent valuation institute in accordance with the Black & Scholes valuation formula. Subscription of shares by virtue of the warrants may be effected from and including 1 June 2027 to and including 30 June 2027.

In case all warrants issued in connection with the warrants program are exercised for subscription of new shares, a total of 70,000 new shares will be issued, which corresponds to a dilution of approximately 0.24 per cent of the company’s share capital and votes after full dilution, calculated on the number of shares that will be added upon full utilization of all warrants issued under the warrants program.

For further information, please contact:
Axel Schörling
CEO & President, EQL Pharma AB (publ)

Phone: +46 (0) 763 – 17 90 60
E-mail: axel.schorling@eqlpharma.com
Website: www.eqlpharma.com

EQL Pharma AB (publ) in short

EQL Pharma AB specializes in developing and selling niche pharmaceuticals. The company currently has more than 20 niche generics (ie generics with limited competition apart from the reference pharmaceutical) approved in the Nordic markets and a couple of originals. In addition to these, there is a significant pipeline of mainly niche generics for launch in 2022 and beyond. The business is currently entirely focused on prescription pharmaceuticals, including hospital products, in the Nordic region and in selected European markets. EQL Pharma AB conducts its operations in Lund and is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market. EQL Pharma AB conducts extensive development work in collaboration with leading contract manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies in the EU and Asia, among others.