EQL chooses to postpone the list change to Nasdaq Stockholm

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EQL Pharma revises the schedule for the planned list change from Spotlight Stock Market to Nasdaq Stockholm's main list, with the goal that the list change will be carried out after the summer of 2021 instead of the first quarter of the financial year 2021/22 as previously communicated.

The decision to postpone the list change is due to the prioritization of the acquisition of seven product licenses in Denmark during the spring and winter, which was announced on March 15, 2021. Through that prioritization, the company needed to move resources from the listing process to the acquisition. This in combination with sick leave among key personnel has led to delays in reviewing and updating the routines required for listing on Nasdaq Stockholm's main list. The postponement of the list change does not mean a strategic change for EQL Pharma, but only that the list change takes place after the summer instead of before.

For further information, please contact:
Christer Fåhraeus
CEO, EQL Pharma AB (publ)

Phone: +46 (0) 705 – 60 90 00
E-mail: christer.fahraeus@eqlpharma.com
Website: www.eqlpharma.com

Eql Pharma AB (Publ) briefly
EQL Pharma AB specializes in developing and selling generics, ie pharmaceuticals that are medically equivalent to reference pharmaceuticals. The company currently has upwards of 20 niche generics (ie generics with limited competition apart from the reference pharmaceutical) approved in the Nordic markets. In addition to these, there is a significant pipeline of additional niche generics for launch in 2021 and beyond. The business is currently entirely focused on prescription pharmaceuticals, including hospital products, in the Nordic region and in selected European markets. EQL Pharma AB conducts its operations in Lund and is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market. EQL Pharma AB conducts extensive development work in collaboration with leading contract manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies in the EU and Asia, among others.