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  • EQL Pharma launches a one-step “Lollipop” antigen self-test for Covid-19 in the Nordics – All in one – one device, one step

EQL Pharma launches a one-step “Lollipop” antigen self-test for Covid-19 in the Nordics – All in one – one device, one step

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EQL Pharma has today started to sell the brand new Alltest Covid-19 antigen self-test of the one-step "Lollipop" model, i.e. a test that, like a lollipop, is held in the mouth for two minutes.


The test reads oral saliva for Covid-19 and provides an answer within 15 minutes with 99% sensitivity. This is one of the most sensitive self-tests yet for Covid-19, even more sensitive than most of the commonly used nasal swab tests. The test's simplicity and high sensitivity make it suitable for anyone who wishes to test themselves for Covid-19 infection, especially for children and others who feel discomfort from sampling in the nasal cavity. For more information on the use of the test there is an instruction video on YouTube.

The test is CE marked and sensitive to all known variants of the Covid-19 virus, including Omicron BA.5 which is now the most common variant in Europe.

The launch of the lollipop test is seen as a generation shift in EQL Pharma self-diagnostics product line and EQL is the exclusive supplier of the Alltest device in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany and Ireland. The test is available in leading pharmacies.

For further information, please contact:
Axel Schörling
CEO & President, EQL Pharma AB (publ)

Phone: +46 (0) 763 – 17 90 60
E-mail: axel.schorling@eqlpharma.com
Website: www.eqlpharma.com

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