Ericsson announces open solution for identity-based Web-services based on Liberty Alliance

Ericsson, a sponsor member of the Liberty Alliance, today announced support for the Liberty Alliance Phase 2 specifications, which will provide an open and commonly accepted platform for Operators, Service Providers and other organizations to build interoperable identity-based Web services.
Ericsson will incorporate the specifications, to be commercial available by fourth quarter 2003, into the Ericsson Service Delivery Platform (ESDP) solution family, providing complete solutions for telecom operators service networks.

The addition of phase 2 specifications to ESDP signifies an important step, allowing mobile operators to become fully-fledged providers of Web-based services to users and external players. Open and standards-based tools for user identity, availability and location will enable a range of value-added mobile services. These fundamental tools, implemented in operators' networks via the highly scalable ESDP solution family, will support a multitude of applications.

By deploying ESDP products as natural extensions of Core and Radio Networks, a maximum reuse of existing network features such as security functions, transport backbone, subscription and handling of users and services information is achieved. Products in the ESDP solution family also allow for controlled utilization of operators' service networks by external partners, in line with the new open business environment of telecom.

"Adding to new business opportunities for operators, the standards-based service platform is, perhaps even more importantly, a major step in improving consumer qualities like convenience and trust in mobile services," says Gunilla Fransson, Business Director for Service Layer Portfolio. "This will be key to building a broad public acceptance for the services and ensure future growth."

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