Ericsson Mobitex to expand Cingular Interactive Intelligent Wireless Network(SM)

Ericsson Mobitex technology enhancements will expand Cingular Interactive Intelligent Wireless NetworkSM Ericsson will provide Cingular Interactive (formerly BellSouth Wireless Data) with up to USD 25 million in equipment and software to expand capacity significantly in Cingular Interactive's existing Mobitex network, also supplied by Ericsson. Mobitex is the core of the Cingular Interactive Intelligent Wireless Network. Ericsson will supply base stations and new system software to triple Cingular Interactive's core Mobitex network capacity. Additionally, Ericsson will design and develop new products and software to enhance the network's performance and functionality. This arrangement supports several initiatives under Cingular Interactive's Operation Platinum StandardSM, a USD 50 million program to build overall network capacity as well as to grow coverage in major metropolitan areas in the U.S. to address projected dramatic subscriber growth. "The Cingular Interactive Intelligent Wireless Network is already one of the greatest successes in the Mobile Internet market," said Ericsson senior vice president Torbjörn Nilsson. "Mobile Internet is the future of telecommunications, and Mobitex technology from Ericsson is driving growth of this revolutionary medium in the world's largest telecommunications market." Cingular Interactive is experiencing more than 100 percent subscriber growth annually. The company closed 2000 with more than 570,000 subscribers, up from just more than 200,000 in 1999 - an average net addition of about 90,000 subscribers per quarter during 2000. "We are pleased to be working with Ericsson to continue growing and augmenting our award-winning network to accommodate the phenomenal subscriber growth that is forecasted to take place over the next few years," said Donald Kovalevich, President of Cingular Interactive. "Ericsson will help us deliver an excellent network experience for our customers and partners during this period of explosive growth." Mobitex is a dedicated digital mobile data network that uses packet switching for maximum efficiency. This means that the network is always instantly accessible. Customers are billed for the number of packets transmitted - not connection time. The Mobitex core of the Cingular Interactive Intelligent Wireless Network is the power behind Cingular Interactive's industry-leading services under CingularSM MyBizSM Interactive as well as such cutting- edge solutions as the Palm VIItm connected organizer, America Online's AOL Mobile CommunicationSM, Fidelity® InstantBrokerSM and the BlackBerrytm wireless e-mail solution. Smart Business magazine selected the Cingular Interactive Intelligent Wireless Network as an MVP Award Winner as the "Best of the Best" wireless data network in 2001 and 1999. Ericsson is the leading communications supplier, combining innovation in mobility and Internet in creating the new era of mobile Internet. Ericsson provides total solutions covering everything from systems and applications to mobile phones and other communications tools. With presence in 140 countries, Ericsson simplifies communications for customers all over the world. Read more at FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT Antoinette Torell, Press Relations, Division Mobile Systems Ericsson Corporate Communications Phone: +46 70 676 9279; E-mail: Cingular Interactive Cingular Interactive, headquartered in Woodbridge, N.J., is an expert in providing proven wireless data communications solutions that eliminate the barriers between critical information and mobile users; it also provides telemetry and transactions applications. Cingular Interactive operates its wireless data service throughout the United States, covering more than 93 percent of urban business population located in 492 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and non-MSAs with a total population of 200 million people. Recognized as the industry leader, the company was the recipient of several major awards from such entities as Microsoft, Smart Business, FedEx, PC Computing, Frost & Sullivan, Wireless Week and Mobile Insights. Web site address: Cingular Interactive is a business unit of Cingular Wireless. Cingular Wireless is the second largest wireless carrier in the U.S., and is dedicated to self-expression and customer-friendly service. As a leader in mobile voice and data communications, Cingular, a joint venture between SBC Communications and BellSouth, currently serves more than 20 million customers nationwide. Cingular offers customers advanced technologies in simple, cost-effective ways that permit them to tap the creative potential of wireless through their own self-expression. Details of the company are available at Ericsson Mobitex Mobitex offers immediately useable solutions and services on a new generation of wireless handheld devices that deliver real value to companies and end users. Whether it is Internet messaging and instant access to e-mail from any location, wireless banking and stock trading services, or location-based services that provide information when and where it is needed, Mobitex delivers what users want from a Mobile Internet solution. For further information, please visit:

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