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  • Ericsson takes further precautionary measures for its AGM 2020 and the Nomination Committee proposes unchanged Board fees

Ericsson takes further precautionary measures for its AGM 2020 and the Nomination Committee proposes unchanged Board fees

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  • The scope of the meeting will be further reduced to focus on legal requirements only
  • There will be no speeches by Ericsson representatives at the meeting and presentations will be kept to a minimum
  • Shareholders are encouraged to use the opportunity to vote by proxy and to follow the meeting via webcast
  • The Nomination Committee proposes that current Board fees remain unchanged

Considering the continued spread of the Coronavirus, Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) takes further precautionary measures in order to limit the scope and duration of its Annual General Meeting 2020 as well as the number of individuals attending the meeting in person. No speeches by Ericsson representatives will be delivered at the meeting and the presentation of proposals will be kept to the minimum. Speeches will instead be pre-recorded and are planned to be made available at www.ericsson.com before the meeting.

The Chair of the Board, Ronnie Leten, will not attend the meeting in person but will be present via link. As earlier communicated, President and CEO Börje Ekholm will not attend in person but will participate via link. Participation by Board members and management will be kept to a minimum.

As also previously communicated, Ericsson encourages all shareholders to use the opportunity to vote by proxy and a resolution will be proposed at the AGM to have the meeting available via live webcast.

Questions addressed at the meeting will focus on the agenda items specified in the invitation to the Annual General Meeting. Shareholders are also welcomed to submit general questions about Ericsson to the company to investor.relations@ericsson.com. These questions will be answered separately by Ericsson.

Attendees, who nonetheless wish to attend in person, will be reminded to avoid close contact with other attendees in the common areas, and to spread out in the meeting hall while seated. Cloakrooms will be closed, and all who attend are requested to bring their outerwear into the meeting hall.

Shareholders who want to authorize a proxy to vote on their behalf, can find relevant templates at: https://www.ericsson.com/en/about-us/corporate-governance/shareholder-meetings/annual-general-meeting-2020.

Euroclear Sweden AB has informed Ericsson that they, at no cost, offer a possibility for shareholders who are individuals to appoint a proxy designated by Euroclear Sweden to vote in accordance with the shareholder’s instructions. More information about this offering from Euroclear is available at Euroclear’s website: www.euroclearproxy.se. As an alternative, shareholders may give their proxy to Euroclear Sweden in-person at Kistamässan from 10:00 am until 2:30 pm CEST on March 31.

Revised proposal from the Nomination Committee

Considering the current developments due to the Coronavirus and its impact on society, the Nomination Committee has decided to withdraw its proposal to increase the Board fees and proposes that these remain unchanged.





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