Statement by Carl-Henric Svanberg regarding the result of the Swedish referendum

"I continue to be concerned about the long term effects on Sweden and the Swedish economy", says Carl-Henric Svanberg in a comment on the result of the referendum on the introduction of the Euro in Sweden.

"The outcome is not likely to have any major effects in the short term, but I see a clear risk that economic growth in Sweden may over time be affected negatively by the fact that Sweden loses its power to attract new investments. This will have consequences for the Swedish economy and our ability to create wealth. I now hope that as a country we can find alternative ways to strengthen our competitiveness and growth."

"I am on the other hand not concerned about the impact on Ericsson specifically since we are a global company with operations all over the world."

Carl-Henrik Svanberg and the late Anna Lindh, Minister for Foreign Affairs, together wrote an editorial article published in Dagens Nyheter, the major Swedish daily, on August 26. They stated that the negative consequences of a No vote would not necessarily be immediate or large, neither for Ericsson, other export companies, nor Sweden. Together they stated the opinion that the Euro-question is about how we create the best long-term conditions for the well-being of Sweden.

"We can make decisions about how we distribute our wealth, but how much we can afford is a result of growth, keeping entrepreneurship and employment in Sweden, and attracting foreign investments," wrote Anna Lindh and Carl-Henric Svanberg.

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