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    Mobile networks are a critical infrastructure for many aspects of everyday life and 5G will be key to future economic prosperity.
    Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Networks, Ericsson.
    It is clear that 5G will drive enormous opportunities for CSPs in consumer business over the decade. As this journey is already underway, those CSPs that quickly and proactively evolve their consumer propositions are likely to be bigger winners.
    Jasmeet Singh Sethi, Head of ConsumerLab, Ericsson Research.
    The partnership between Telia and Ericsson will enable us to provide our customers with state-of-the-art mobile connectivity and speed up the development of a sustainable digital society.
    Dan Stromberg, CEO, Telia Lithuania.
    5G is a catalyst for digital innovation, paving the way for advances in business and industry.
    Jenny Lindqvist, Head of Northern and Central Europe, Ericsson.
    We’re the UK leader in 5G and are excited to be working with Ericsson as a key partner to maintain that market leadership.
    Philip Jansen, CEO, BT.
    Having already been selected to partner in 5G Core, we are pleased to strengthen the relationship further with this deal that will deliver high performance and secure 5G to their customers.
    Börje Ekholm, President and CEO, Ericsson.
    (Ericsson's) release of the new Cloud RAN DU and Cloud RAN CU achieves a combination of high radio performance and flexibility.
    Joe Madden, Chief Analyst, Mobile Experts.
    With Cloud RAN by Ericsson, we will help our customers evolve their networks with future-proof technology while maximizing their network investments today.
    Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Business Area Networks, Ericsson.
    POST selecting Ericsson as a partner to modernize its network and to introduce 5G demonstrates not only trust in Ericsson’s technology leadership but also in its capability to deliver important projects.
    Rémi de Montgolfier, Country Manager, Ericsson Belgium and Luxembourg.
    With today’s agreement, we have the foundation in place to develop the most trusted and reliable 5G networks in the Nordics and the Baltics.
    Allison Kirkby, President and CEO, Telia Company.
    The next global game changing network application may well be invented by a tech start-up or developer using a Telia 5G network, leveraging Ericsson technology.
    Börje Ekholm, President and CEO, Ericsson.
    We will work closely with KPN to ensure that consumers and enterprises in the Netherlands can benefit from the emerging opportunities of 5G.
    Arun Bansal, President of Europe and Latin America, Ericsson.
    By partnering with Ericsson on the latest technologies, gigabit data rates, real-time communication and massive IoT are becoming reality.
    Babak Fouladi, Chief Technology and Digital Officer and Member of the Board of Management, KPN.
    This will create business opportunities for our customers and deliver superior user experiences for 5G subscribers. This is a key milestone for bringing 5G to everyone.
    Per Narvinger, Head of Product Area Networks, Ericsson.
    We are delighted to deepen our partnership with Ericsson as part of our endeavor to build a network ready for 5G and beyond.
    Randeep Sekhon, CTO, Bharti Airtel
    The products manufactured in India will continue to benefit Indian users by enhancing Airtel’s network capacity and enabling it to cater to the country’s fast-growing data traffic needs.
    Nunzio Mirtillo, Head of Ericsson South East Asia, Oceania and India.
    I’m looking forward to further enhancing our customer experience, together with Ericsson, for our Finnish and our global customers.
    Veli-Matti Mattila, CEO, Elisa.
    Working with our partners, Ericsson has now demonstrated the commercial viability of long-range 5G radio capability for mmWave spectrum.
    Per Narvinger, Head of Product Area Networks, Ericsson.
    Ericsson’s Packet Core Gateway together with Packet Core Firewall integrates user plane and security functions in a single Cloud native Network Function (CNF). This allows significant TCO savings and is well optimized for edge use cases.
    Patrick Donegan, Founder and Principal Analyst, HardenStance.
    We are very pleased with the collaboration with Ericsson to build one of the best 5G networks in Europe.
    Joaquín Mata, CTO, Telefónica Spain.
    We value our long-standing relationship with Ericsson and their engagement during the 5G trials over the last three years. We are looking forward to further cooperation in the 5G era.
    Eng. Samy Ahmed Al Ghassany, Chief Operating Officer, Omantel.
    Ericsson is leading the way in terms of 5G deployments across the globe and we look forward to making 5G experiences a reality in the Sultanate.
    Fadi Pharaon, President of Ericsson Middle East and Africa.
    We’re proud to be leading the charge alongside Ericsson and other technology innovators and look forward to bringing standalone 5G to our customers later this year.
    Abdul Saad, Chief Technology Officer, T-Mobile.
    Standalone 5G is an important milestone in the evolution of 5G. Telstra is pleased to work with Ericsson in the development of new Standalone 5G capabilities.
    Channa Seneviratne, Network & Infrastructure Engineering Executive, Telstra.
    We are taking the next step in the evolution of 5G by making generally available the software to support Standalone 5G NR networks. These standalone capabilities will enable even more use cases and applications.
    Per Narvinger, Head of Product Area Networks, Ericsson.
    We are excited to work with Ericsson in enabling global OEMs and operators to quickly roll out commercial 5G this year using 5G standalone.
    Durga Malladi, Senior Vice President and General Manager, 4G/5G, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
    Ericsson’s new software will help accelerate the roll-out of Standalone 5G NR, which promises to significantly boost overall 5G network performance, furthering our efforts to bring consumers a superior mobile experience.
    JS Pan, General Manager, Wireless Communication System and Partnership, MediaTek.
    It’s a footprint issue. At some network sites, size literally is everything. With the Hybrid AIR and Interleaved AIR solutions, we can help our customers to quickly deliver the benefits of 5G Massive MIMO to more end users.
    Per Narvinger, Head of Product Area Networks, Ericsson,
    Telia’s 5G launch lays the foundations for the next phase of digital transformation, with innovation, sustainability and security as three critical pillars, and we are proud to be doing this launch in partnership with Ericsson.
    Allison Kirkby, CEO, Telia Company.
    Whether through enhanced mobile broadband or innovative new business, societal and industrial applications, 5G is set to change life and society for the better right across Sweden. We look forward to working with our strategic partner Telia Company to drive this change and ensure Sweden benefits from the competitive benefits of digitalization.
    Börje Ekholm, President and CEO, Ericsson.
    We are confident that the deployment of the latest technologies like AI, data analytics and Machine Learning will enable us to better manage the challenges of continued data proliferation and increasing customer expectations.
    Vikram Sinha, Chief Operation Officer, Indosat Ooredoo.
    Our AI-based Ericsson Operations Engine consolidates our industry-leading position in managed services, with over 300 global contracts.
    Peter Laurin, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Managed Services, Ericsson.
    We are pleased to extend our partnership with Ericsson to undertake our 5G network project for three regions; namely, North, Central-West and Upper south of Thailand.
    Vichaow Rakphongphairoj, Executive Vice Chairman of True Corporation’s Executive Committee.
    Ericsson is leading the way in terms of 5G deployments across the globe and we are delighted to make 5G experiences a reality for True’s customers soon.
    Nadine Allen, President of Ericsson Thailand.
    Having evaluated different 5G Core vendors, we have selected Ericsson as the best option on the basis of both lab performance and future roadmap.
    Howard Watson, CTIO of BT
    5G will become a platform for new applications and opportunities for both industries and individuals.
    Tibor Rékasi, CEO, Magyar Telekom
    As leaders in 5G, we at Ericsson have seen the massive impact it has on innovation, and I’m excited to see what opportunities it will bring to Hungary.
    Arun Bansal, President Europe and Latin America, Ericsson.
    The next generation of Virve will be one of the most important governmental ICT project in the coming years, and naturally, a high priority for us at Erillisverkot.
    Timo Lehtimäki, CEO, Erillisverkot,
    Critical networks demand the very best standards of reliability, security and performance in the core. We are working closely with Erillisverkot to ensure that is exactly what they will get from Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G core products and solutions to benefit critical services in Finland.
    Arun Bansal, President Europe and Latin America, Ericsson.
    5G is the future of telecommunications and a necessary precondition for the Gigabit Society. It is the underlying technology which will be used by all the innovative applications that will change our lives in the near future.
    Michael Tsamaz, OTE Group Chairman and CEO,
    We’re leading the way in 5G in Europe and the world and we will work closely with COSMOTE to ensure that they, and their customers, benefit from this network modernization.
    Arun Bansal, President of Europe and Latin America, Ericsson.
    Choosing Ericsson as a 5G partner helps reduce the complexity of both multi-vendor interoperability and 4G/5G migration, allowing us to provide our customers in Taiwan with a superior 5G experience and an efficient next-generation 5G mobile network.
    Chee Ching, President, FET.
    Having already achieved several 5G technology development firsts in Taiwan with FET, this deal means we can take that partnership to new levels. By working closely with FET, we will help bring the competitive innovative benefits of 5G, IoT, AI and the Cloud to FET’s consumer and business customers as Taiwan embraces the digital society.
    Chafic Nassif, Head of Ericsson Taiwan.
    We’re excited to produce advanced 5G radio products for our U.S. customers, to meet the demand for next-generation 5G networks across the country.
    Erik Simonsson, Head of the USA 5G Smart Factory, Ericsson.
    This solution maximizes end-user experience in service provider’s networks while minimizing their total cost of ownership.
    Peter Laurin, Executive Vice President and Head of Business Area Managed Service, Ericsson.
    Agile delivery of services while maintaining high quality and availability is a must in 5G Core networks. Our CI/CD end-to-end software pipeline achieves this.
    Jan Karlsson, Head of Business Area Digital Services, Ericsson.
    We’ve taken another positive step by going live with Ericsson’s energy management solution on the Telenor Myanmar network.
    Ruza Sabanovic, CTO, Telenor Group,
    Ericsson’s AI-powered Network Services are now readily accessible with shared data insights that put the customer experience front and center.
    Justin van der Lande, Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason
    We are delighted to be pursuing our partnership with Ericsson, a key long-term partner, in order to develop a powerful and innovative 5G network.
    Fabienne Dulac, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of and CEO of Orange France.
    Telstra’s network needs to become more flexible and efficient, and cloud-native container-based applications such as Ericsson’s containerized Evolved Packet Core are a key element of this.
    Shailin Sehgal, Product Enablement Technology Executive, Telstra