eScholar myTrack®: The Right Solution for the Arlington Independent School District

The Arlington ISD provides its teachers with a one stop shop to view actionable data.

The Arlington Independent School District is the first district in Texas to implement eScholar myTrack, a comprehensive instructional improvement system that provides in-depth and actionable data analysis for teachers, staff, and administrators. Rather than simply providing assessment scores and attendance records, eScholar myTrack provides the data analysis in an actionable way so teachers can focus on how they can personalize education for students.

The Arlington ISD has been striving to meet their goal of having 100% of their students graduate exceptionally prepared for their college, career, and citizenship. The implementation of eScholar myTrack complements the district’s On Track to Graduate Dashboards and fulfills the strategic goal of implementing a user-friendly data management and reporting system to end users.

As a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution, the application provides engaging data visualizations and analyses, such as the Early Warning System (pictured), and also many collaborative features, such as Notes and Groups. With myTrack, Arlington ISD staff can focus on using the data to help their students and not focus on the data analyses. In the upcoming version of myTrack, the Arlington ISD can take advantage of the myTrack goals. This feature will allow users to set, track and manage student goals and interventions all in one place.

The Arlington ISD and eScholar teams have already trained hundreds of teachers and principals. At a recent training, the staff said that the data was easy to understand and that they liked having all of the information in one place. With eScholar myTrack, they see more than just a score, they can see which questions their students got right and wrong, and which TEKS they did and did not master.

“eScholar myTrack not only saves our teachers time, but it helps them understand their students’ strengths and weaknesses more thoroughly,” says Chad Branum, Assistant Superintendent of Technology. “A relatively good assessment score or proficiency level may actually be hiding a weakness in a specific skill. eScholar myTrack helps our teachers uncover that and take action.”

With 64,000 students across 75 campuses, the Arlington ISD is taking a phased approach with its implementation and data loading. Currently, 27 campuses have had its teachers trained and the district anticipates having all campus active during the 2016-2017 school year.

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eScholar myTrack helps our teachers uncover a weakness in a specific skill and take action.
Chad Branum, Assistant Superintendent of Technology.