Notice to attend the Extra General Meeting

Notice to attend the Extra General Meeting The shareholders in Esselte AB (publ) are hereby convened to the Extra General Meeting to be held on 1 August, 2002 at 16.00 CET at the office of Esselte AB, Hörsalen, Sundbybergsvägen 1, Solna, Sweden. PARTICIPATION In order to be eligible to participate in the Extra General Meeting each shareholder must (i) be recorded on 22 July 2002 in the company's share register held by VPC AB, and (ii) notify the company on his/her intention to participate in the Extra General Meeting not later than at 16.00 CET on 26 July, 2002. Shareholders with shares registered at a nominee, and who wish to participate at the Extra General Meeting, must temporarily register the shares in their own name. Such registration must be executed on Monday 22 July 2002. Notice must be given to the nominee in ample time before. NOTICE OF PARTICIPATION Notice of participation may be given in writing to Esselte AB, c/o Advokatfirman Vinge KB, Box 4255, 203 13 Malmö, Sweden or by phone at +46 40 664 55 00. The shareholders are kindly requested to state their name, address, telephone number, personal identification number or registration number and the number of shares owned and registered in the company. Each Shareholder may bring one or two counsels, however, only if the Shareholder has given notice hereof to the company. PROPOSED AGENDA 1. Opening of the Meeting; 2. Election of the chairman of the Meeting; 3. Preparation and approval of a voting list; 4. Election of two persons to verify the Minutes together with the chairman; 5. Verification that the Meeting has been duly convened; 6. Approval of the agenda; 7. Determination of the number of Directors of the Board and Deputy Directors; 8. Determination of remuneration to the Board. 9. Election of Directors of the Board; 10. Closing of the Meeting. BOARD OF DIRECTORS The company has been informed that shareholders representing more than 90 per cent of all votes in the company will support the following proposals. Directors of the Board: Election of John W. Childs, Adam L. Suttin, Dana L. Schmaltz, Paul A. Gale, Samuel Hacohen and Fernando Serrano. The present Directors of the Board Kurt Jofs, Bo Jungner, Björn Larsson, Bengt Lindahl, Brian Stern and Fritz Fröhlich have declined to be re- elected. Stockholm in July, 2002 ESSELTE AB (publ) The Board of Directors Esselte is the leading global office supplies manufacturer with annual sales of approx. SEK 11 billion, subsidiaries in 25 countries, selling office products in over 120 countries and employing approx. 6,500 people. Esselte makes it easier for people to organize the modern workplace. Our principal brands are: DYMO, Pendaflex, Leitz and Esselte. To learn more about Esselte, visit our website at For further information please contact: · Ulrik Svensson, acting CEO +44 (0) 1895 878 770 · Thomas Groth, IR +44 (0) 1895 878 983 · ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: