EU Green Week 2019: #MyGreenAction challenge

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Opening in Warsaw, Poland on 13 May and with its high-level conference taking place in Brussels, Belgium from 15 to 17 May, EU Green Week 2019 has as its theme ‘Environmental Implementation’.

Environmental legislation has a huge impact on our lives – it improves water and air quality, protects nature and promotes recycling and waste management. But to make a real difference, it has to be implemented properly.

It is thus crucial that, at local level, citizens get active and support effective implementation. To highlight what is being done in this regard across Europe and beyond, the European Commission Directorate-General for Environment (DG Environment) has launched the #MyGreenAction challenge on the occasion of EU Green Week 2019.

Sharing environmental actions

Running from 21 March to 10 May, the #MyGreenAction challenge is organised as part of a large-scale social media campaign to promote this year’s Green Week. European citizens aged 14 and over who want to take the challenge are invited to share their ideas, actions or projects – be they individual or collective, local or national – that are contributing or could contribute to ensuring a greener and more sustainable future. Submissions must be related to the theme of environmental implementation.

The #MyGreenAction challenge is hosted on the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts of the European Commission, as well as on the official EU Green Week website.

Photos, drawings and videos

Contributions can be captured in a photo, drawing or short video (30 seconds max.), and should be accompanied by a brief written description. They can be posted at the entrant’s personal Instagram or Twitter account or under one of the Commission’s #MyGreenAction Facebook posts.

In their posts, participants must tag DG Environment’s Instagram (@OurPlanet_EU), Facebook (@EU_Environment) or Twitter (@EU_ENV) account and use the #MyGreenAction hashtag. Entries without the campaign hashtag will be deemed ineligible. The social media profiles through which participants enter must be made public so as to ensure that DG Environment can see the submissions.

After putting forward their own ideas or actions, all participants are encouraged to nominate three other people to take the #MyGreenAction challenge.

Recognising innovative entries

Every week between 29 March and 10 May, three of the most innovative submissions will be chosen to feature on one of the Commission’s official social media channels (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). Depending on the quality of the entries, the best 10 overall will be included in a summary video to be shown to policymakers from around Europe at Green Week. In addition, all eligible contributions will be presented on the EU Green Week website.

As the biggest annual event on the European environmental calendar, EU Green Week will help to draw attention to the ideas that are submitted so that they can inspire people from all over Europe and further afield to take action to improve our environment.

The #MyGreenAction challenge opens on 21 March 2019 and closes on 10 May 2019.

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