European Aeronautical Group UK Ltd. gains approval to ED-76 today.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) 3 August issued its first ED-76 Letter of Acceptance (LoA) Type 1 to European Aeronautical Group UK Ltd. The LoA number is EASA.LOA.0001 ED-76 is the European equivalent of RTCA Do200A and contains Standards for Processing Aeronautical Data. With the advent of P-RNAV the Aviation Authorities decided in the interests of Air Safety, that operators should purchase their FMS databases from an approved supplier. As there were no suppliers with the required approvals at the time, it became incumbent on the operators to ensure their data was accurate and safe. In 2005 the process of approving data providers was begun and EAG was the first company in Europe to undergo the audit process for approval. Now that EAG has received that approval from EASA, this means operators can be assured the data provided by EAG has been produced to a globally accepted standard. The full scope of LoA Type 1 approval includes: Collection and conversion of State published Aeronautical Information into the ARINC 424 format. Provision of Aeronautical Data to ARINC 424 specification for use in FMS Navigation Databases. Provision of Aeronautical Data to ARINC 424 specification for use in TAWS and Flight Planning Databases. The European Aeronautical Group Head Office is situated in Stockholm, Sweden with the UK office in London. EAG offers a complete aeronautical portfolio with route documentation including Aerad, eAerad, the Route Manual, eRM, Flight Planning applications, Performance applications, FMS databases for all major FMC systems, and a new mass and balance application to be released this summer. EAG’s new eAerad product uses the same technology as the eRM electronic route documentation system, which is the only product of its kind that has been approved by the authorities for an all-electronic navigation flight deck, without paper back-up. For further information contact: Ray Cutbush, Business Process Manager, EAG UK Ltd. +44 (0)1932 704260 Iain Millan, Manager Sales and Marketing, EAG UK Ltd. +44 (0)1932 704214

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