Europolitan Holdings AB is undertaking a program to purchase its own shares

Europolitan Holdings AB is undertaking a program to purchase its own shares The board of Europolitan Holdings AB has decided to undertake the purchase of up to 2,000,000 shares in the Company, on one or several occasions, in accordance with the authorisation given by the shareholders' meeting on 26 June 2001, for the purpose of giving the Company increased possibilities to handle the employee option program decided at the same shareholders' meeting. Such purchases will be executed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange at a price per share within the registered spread available on each occasion, i.e. the range between the highest buying price and lowest selling price. The company does not currently own any of its own shares. Stockholm 29 November 2001 The Board For more information, please contact: Jon Risfelt, President and CEO, tel: +46 708 331001 Mark Carey, CFO, tel: +46 708 331803 Europolitan Holdings AB is the holding company of the mobile operator Europolitan Vodafone. The group operates a GSM network in Sweden and has a licence to build a 3G mobile telecoms network. Europolitan Vodafone employs some 1,500 people. Europolitan Holdings AB is listed on the O- list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange's O-list, Attract 40. The company's principal owner is Vodafone, with 71 per cent of Europolitan Holdings AB. The remaining 29 per cent is owned by approximately 30,000 private shareholders, unit trust funds and insurance companies. The Vodafone group is represented on 5 continents and has around 95 million customers (proportionate customers). For more information, please visit and ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: