Euroseek Access and SVEBO sign contract on broadband to Avesta

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Euroseek Access and SVEBO sign contract on broadband to Avesta The Internet service Euroseek has signed a contract with SVEBO to provide 728 apartments in Övre Dalälvens Fastighets AB in Avesta, Sweden, access to high-speed Internet. Euroseek Access will use a combination of fibre, copper wire, XDSL technology, and finally the internal cable TV network to reach the apartments. "Our concept is to use the technology that does the job best on the basis of customer prerequisites, geographical location and preferences," explains Catherine Sahlgren, CEO of Euroseek. Euroseek Access co-operates with Ericsson Multilet, which enables users to gain access to the Internet through their cable TV sockets. "Multilet is established as a standard for broadband installation throughout the country," says Mikael Berglund, Marketing Manager at Ericsson Multilet. "With Multilet from Ericsson we can implement quick installations without laying down new networks," says Catherine Sahlgren, CEO of Euroseek. "For us as a housing corporation, broadband technology implies a reduction of people's dependency on the "external" office, and that we are seeing completely new groups of customers in our accommodation," says Lars Lindén, Real Estate Manager at SVEBO. Our users get up to 512 kbit per second in fast fixed Internet connection. For further information, contact: Catherine Sahlgren, CEO of Euroseek, on phone +46 70-567 25 50, or Mikael Berglund, Marketing Manager of Ericsson Multilet, on phone +46 70- 660 31 78, or Lars Lindén, Real Estate Manager of SVEBO, on phone +46 70-752 34 00 or For further information on Euroseek and trading with the Euroseek shares, see Euroseek ( is one of the leading European Internet services. Euroseek provides Internet access based on wireless/fixed broadband connection, portals with their own search engines, information, multimedia, entertainment, and services and e-mail for all Europeans. The Euroseek portals and their content are made uniquely for all European countries and in 39 languages. Euroseek has its head office in Stockholm and the group has 65 employees, with a portal traffic of some 34 million visits. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: