Microsoft chooses Euroseek as its search engine

Microsoft chooses Euroseek as its search engine Microsoft and Euroseek have entered into a Nordic co-operation agreement which will provide access to Euroseek's search engine on Microsoft's MSN and Internet Explorer portals. The Swedish company Euroseek (, with Internet services such as portals, search engines, information, entertainment, e-commerce and wireless broadband access, has entered into a Nordic co-operation agreement with Microsoft in Kista. "The co-operation agreement with Microsoft will result in more visitors to Euroseek's search engine and greater exposure for the Euroseek brand," says Catherine Sahlgren, Managing Director of Euroseek. As a result of the agreement, Euroseek is now to be found on Microsoft's search engines, i.e. on both MSN's portals in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and in the built-in search function in versions 3, 4 and 5 of the Internet Explorer web browser. It is expected that the number of page views on MSN's four portals in the Nordic countries will reach over 30 million per month and around 4 million per month for Internet Explorer's search engine. Microsoft has chosen Euroseek as one of five partners in Microsoft's search engines. "Euroseek's popularity and its experience of creating multilingual services will provide our users with a well-known brand at MSN," says Jens Gorne, Business Manager of in Sweden. Euroseek has an additional co-operation agreement with Microsoft regarding being included in Internet Explorer's search engine in the US. For more information, please contact: Catherine Sahlgren, Managing Director, on 070 567 25 50, or by e-mail at Jens Gorne, Business Manager,, on 08 752 5600, or by e-mail at Euroseek ( is one of the leading European Internet services with its own Internet access based on wireless broadband technology, and offers a wide range of information services and e-commerce as well as its own search engine. The Euroseek portal and its content is designed uniquely for every country in Europe and exists in 39 languages. Euroseek aims to offer good value Internet access, relevant information, multimedia, entertainment, services and e-commerce for all Europeans, quickly and securely, whenever and wherever required. The headquarters of Euroseek is in Stockholm, Sweden, with almost 100 employees, a portal traffic of 30 million visits and 110 million page views per month. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: