The number of visits to Euroseek continues to increase dramatically

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The number of visits to Euroseek continues to increase dramatically The number of visits to the portals of the Internet service Euroseek rose by a further 10 percent in September compared to August. Since the turn of the year the number of visits to has increased by 71 percent to 37 million. The Swedish visits have more than tripled to 1.2 million. This has been revealed by new statistics from MMXI Nordic/NETcheck. "It is gratifying to see that users like the development of our portals and the services we provide," says Catherine Sahlgren, CEO of Euroseek. "We are more than well on our way to achieving our target of twice the number of visits during the year," adds Catherine Sahlgren. The number of unique visitors to has increased by 70 percent since April, when measuring first began, and reached 2.9 million in September. The number of page exposures has increased by 26 percent since the turn of the year, and reached 110 million in September. Euroseek's powerful expansion in Sweden is remarkable considering that the total amount of surfing has declined in the last few months. The Swedish portal, now also included in Euroseek, had 114,000 unique visitors, 606,000 visits, and 3.3 million page exposures in September. For further information, contact: Catherine Sahlgren, CEO of Euroseek, on phone +46 70-567 25 50, or For further information on Euroseek and trading with the Euroseek shares, see Euroseek ( is one of the leading European Internet services. Euroseek provides Internet access based on wireless/fixed broadband connection, portals with their own search engines, information, multimedia, entertainment, and services and e-mail for all Europeans. The Euroseek portals and their content are made uniquely for all European countries and in 39 languages. Euroseek has its head office in Stockholm and the group has 65 employees, with a portal traffic of some 37 million visits. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: