Diesel Engine Manufacturing Giant Uses Induction Lighting, Energy Efficiency, To Remain Competitive

MTU Detroit Diesel Selects EverLast® For Lighting Upgrades, Again.

JACKSON, MICHIGAN – April 30th, 2012 – In March, MTU Detroit Diesel installed Induction Lighting EverLast® fixtures in an attempt to substantially reduce operating costs at their South Carolina facility. “Energy savings, low maintenance, and increased foot candles were the top priorities for MTU,” stated Bear Shelton, Regional Sales Director at Blue Sky Lighting Products. “Everyone from the electrical contractor to MTU’s workforce and management is extremely happy with the quality of light. It’s white and bright, which is exactly what they wanted,” Shelton stated. “In fact, MTU’s branch in Detroit, Michigan will be switching to induction light fixtures shortly as well.”

In spring of 2011, MTU Detroit Diesel partnered with Blue Sky Lighting Products to help them achieve their lighting needs for their recently constructed 300,000 sq. ft. facility in Aiken, South Carolina. MTU Detroit Diesel is in the process of replacing approximately 850 metal halide fixtures with 100w and 200w induction high bays from EverLast®. The retrofit would yield an estimated 59% reduction in annual energy consumption tied to lighting. Almost one year later, Detroit Diesel moves forward again with EverLast®, a U.S. manufacturer of induction lighting fixtures.   “We originally sold them on the idea of going with 160w LED high bays to replace their 400w metal halides,” Shelton stated. “When the LED fixtures were hung, MTU was dissatisfied with the quality of light produced by the LEDs and would not accept them. After comparing other lighting technologies and manufacturers, they all paled in comparison to EverLast stood out in terms of quality, lumen output, and warranty.”

According to Blue Sky, EverLast® induction light fixtures offer a virtually maintenance free 100,000 hour lamp life with a 2-4 year return on investment, making induction technology an extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solution. Additionally, federal, state, and local tax incentives are currently being offered to offset the cost of implementing energy-efficient lighting. “The federal tax incentive for installing induction lights is 60 cents per square foot,” stated Shelton. A number of utility companies are also offering incentives, such as credits and rebates, for energy-efficiency upgrades.

MTU Detroit Diesel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete propulsion systems. Its product range is the widest and most modern in the sector. It covers diesel engines as well as propulsion systems for ships, heavy agricultural, rail and military vehicles, and the oil and gas industry.


About EverLast® Lighting: EverLast® Lighting is a subsidiary of Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. and has quickly grown into the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting solutions for roadway, parking structure, facility and area lighting applications.

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