Flowserve Makes Facility Changes with EverLast® To Increase Its Bottom-line

Induction Lighting Continues To Be the Preferred Lighting Solution

JACKSON, MICHIGAN – July 17th, 2012 – The Flowserve Corporation is recognized as an international leading supplier of pumps, valves, seals, automation, and services for the most critical applications. One Flowserve supplier, located in Cookerville, Tennessee, made a lighting adjustment to its facility by teaming up with Sizemore Performance, and the EverLast® lighting technology.

If energy savings weren’t already enough for Flowserve, the Tennessee Valley Authoriy supported the investment and reimbursed Flowserve $200 per fixture installed per a lighting rebate. “It’s a win, win situation for everyone. Initially, Flowserve was going to pay $1,100 for a different fixture. “By going with EverLast® they paid less than a third of that cost and still were able to have the Bi-Level feature, longer life hours, and reduced maintenance costs,” stated Bruce Sizemore, representative of Sizemore Performance. “The Shoe Box fixtures were without a doubt the fixture of choice.”

Flowserve decided to outfit their entire parking lot at the Cookerville location with the EverLast® U.S. Made ShoeBox Fixtures. The fixtures are amongst the most popular models for facilities and warehouses alike. Additionally, the 150 watt fixtures are projected to have between seventy percent energy savings in comparison to the 400 watt metal halide models that were installed at the Flowserve location.

“Flowserve did not want to sacrifice lumen output that would impact parking lot safety in order to install these lights, and we knew that from the beginning. The light is very clean, and we all were blown away by the watt difference in comparison to the metal halide models that they had in place,” Sizemore commented. “The EverLast® U.S. Made ShoeBox Fixtures matched light levels using less than half of the wattage.”

“In this industry, supplier survival is only achieved by searching for ways to reduce operating cost, enhance stability, and protect against fluctuation. The Induction Lighting Solutions offered by EverLast® fit that bill. The immediate energy savings they offer, married to their track record of reliability; meant savings today, tomorrow, and ten years from now, “ Sizemore explained.


About EverLast® Lighting: EverLast® Lighting is a subsidiary of Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. and has quickly grown into the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting solutions for roadway, parking structure, facility and area lighting applications. For additional product information, visit www.everlastlight.com, call 888-383-7578, or email info@everlastlight.com.

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EverLast® Induction Lighting is a subsidiary of Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc., which was founded in 1997, and has quickly become the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting solutions for roadway, parking structure, facility and area lighting applications. We offer 43 lines of products with more than 4 models in each line. Educational institutions, federal agencies, military facilities and municipalities throughout the United States have completed projects exclusively with EverLast® Induction fixtures.