Induction Lighting Paired With Solar PV Canopy Provides Unmatched Cost Savings

EverLast® Fixtures Are Selected For U.C. Davis Campus Initiative, Again, At Virtually No Life Time Cost

JACKSON, MICHIGAN – May 30th, 2012 – U.C. Davis is making adaptive (bi-level) lighting a requirement for its PV parking canopies, integrating the energy-saving solution into its Campus Standards & Design Guide (CSDG). As U.C. Davis aggressively moves towards energy efficiency, they chose an off-grid solution and paired EverLast® Bi-Level canopy fixtures under a PV canopy in their South Entry Parking Lot.

"This is great news and really an important next step," says Michael Siminovitch, director of the California Lighting Technology Center and the Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency at U.C. Davis. The 70 watt EverLast® Bi-Level canopy fixtures are only part of a comprehensive line of advanced induction solutions offered by the manufacturer. With adaptive controls, lights under the solar paneled structures automatically switch to low mode when spaces are vacant and switch to full light output when occupants are detected.

"We are seeing a growth in photovoltaic (PV) parking canopy applications throughout California and nationwide,” says Professor Siminovitch, “but without adaptive lighting controls integrated into these installations, we are missing a huge opportunity for energy savings." In a recent press release the California Lighting Technology Center reported that:

The control technology saves an estimated 7% of the energy harvested through the PV canopy when it is paired with induction light sources. In local retrofits where induction lamps and bi-level controls replace high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps, savings reach about 17%, according to calculations by CLTC’s engineering team. This translates to 17% more power without any additional solar paneling, a big benefit for facilities.

The design specification states: “All canopy PV installations in parking/area applications shall employ bi-level adaptive lighting solutions consistent with Title 24 section 130.2 (c).” It not only sets the university up to be in compliance with state codes and standards for exterior lighting, but it will also help U.C. Davis meet the goals established through its ambitious Smart Lighting Initiative and the systemwide sustainability goals set by the U.C. Office of the President (UCOP). CLTC is working with the UCOP to establish the new standard for both new installations and retrofits on U.C. campuses across the state.

The EverLast® fixtures complemented the U.C. Davis Smart Lighting Initiative well because they combine energy efficient induction lighting with bi-level sensor step-dimming technology for an added energy-savings. EverLast® smart fixtures are today’s ideal technology for retrofitting existing parking structures on campuses, in shopping centers, and throughout urban city centers.


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