Induction Lighting Selected for Puerto Rican Capitol Building to Reduce Operating Costs

In the Midst of Tightening Government Budgets, EverLast® Lighting Fits the Bill

JACKSON, MICHIGAN – April 3rd, 2012 – The Capitol building, located in San Juan, Puerto Rico is home to the bicameral Legislative Assembly, composed of the House of Representatives and Senate. In an era where balancing budgets has become a critical priority, the officials were looking for a unique lighting solution, and partnered with Energy Integrated Systems out of Atlanta, Georgia. Induction lighting was the last technology standing for the project engineers, meeting the stringent specifications for light quality, rated life and monetary savings resulting from over a 50 percent energy reduction.

“There were very inflexible specifications that had to be met for lighting inside the Capitol building, and EverLast® was actually selected by engineers working on the project because of those specifications,” stated David Benavent, Managing Director of Energy Integrated Solutions.

Early this year, the Capitol building replaced 240 – 400w High Pressure Sodium fixtures with 250 w EverLast®’s Induction High-Bays.   As a result of transitioning to induction lighting the Capitol building anticipates a savings of over $20,000 year in energy alone. Additionally the fixtures require a fraction of maintenance by comparison to the outdated High Pressure Sodium fixtures, the benefits of decreased maintenance costs were not lost on the government officials.

“We have found that the EverLast® fixtures increase light levels anywhere between 50 and 100 percent, while decreasing consumption at least 50 percent. Our customers are not only impressed with the product but shocked at the improved lighting levels and incredible savings,” Benavent commented.

The EverLast® 250 watt Aluminum High Bay fixtures provide light with a more natural, high color rendition and unlike traditional HID fixtures illuminate immediately when turned on and are dimmable, offering a wider range of uses. Furthermore, by using a process called electromagnetic induction, they use up to 60 percent less energy and have an unmatched life span of up to 100,000 hours.

“EIS chooses relationships with only the best of the best companies. We chose to develop a relationship with EverLast® because we felt that it was the very best induction product on the market,” Benavent said. “We look forward to continued business with EverLast® and we are confident in recommending their product to anyone.”


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