New Induction Cape Cobra Fixture Designed For Residential, and Local Roadway Lighting Applications

EverLast® Lighting To Begin Production Of New Induction Cape Cobra Fixture

JACKSON, MICHIGAN – December 14th, 2012 – “Once again, EverLast® is bringing a ‘solutions oriented’ fixture to the market. We have delivered a high quality product to our clients with a need for a small wattage, low profile unit to fill the Residential, and local Roadway Lighting niche,” stated Brandon Marken, Vice President of Sales at EverLast® Lighting.

In an effort to meet the demand of the residential roadway growing market, EverLast® successfully delivered a fixture that meets specification for some of the most stringent roadway applications.

EverLast® is slated to begin production of the Cape Cobra within the month.  The Everlast® Cape Cobra fixture boasts a low profile design, along with tool less entry as well as a universal mounting system that allows for a horizontal slip fit or a vertical post top mounting. Additionally, per EverLast® standards, the fixture housing is corrosion resistant powder coated die cast aluminum. 

The Cape Cobra also features a full cut off lens for dark sky compliance, and a corresponding B.U.G (Backlight, Up light, and Glare) rating.

EverLast® Cape Cobra fixtures are also available with dimmable options providing even more energy savings while areas are vacant. Furthermore, the fixtures have ruggedized gasket and clamping mechanisms with drip edge for IP65 environments in addition to the 100,000 hour lamp life rating and 10 year warranty.

“In order to fill a void for parking lot lighting, and close quarter residential areas, we delivered the Cape Cobra fixture to eliminate glare and direct the lighting to produce the most efficient fixture for these types of applications,” commented Jeff Johnson, Technical Services Manager of EverLast® Lighting. “Additionally, the versatile mounting system keeps the cost of the fixture down because additional brackets and additional mounting hardware are not needed. It is truly a solutions oriented product.”


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