EVRY is improving patient safety with a patient record solution delivered to nearly three million people

The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst) and EVRY have signed a new agreement for an electronic patient record solution, MetaVision Suite from iMDsoft, which will be implemented by EVRY. The agreement represents total contract value of NOK 338 million and runs for five years. This clinical IT solution will replace a large number of paper-based work processes, improving patient safety, enabling new ways of working, and enhancing the service provided to patients.

The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority is the largest of Norway’s four regional health authorities and delivers specialist healthcare services to nearly three million people. The region it serves comprises 15 health trusts and has approximately 70,000 employees.

The current paper-based documentation system represents a challenge with regard to both process quality and patient safety at the authority’s hospitals. This applies to areas including patient summaries, patient observation, diagnostics, treatment measures, and the dispensing of medicines. For example, moving a patient from one department to another can create a lot of additional work and creates the risk that information might be incorrectly copied when transferred to new forms.

A failure to standardise and digitalise may also hold back further progress in realising the gains associated with structured data at hospitals. In contrast, standardising all content will create a single data set for decision support and information exchange purposes. Increasing standardisation and process consistency will make it easier for resources and information to be re-used at the specialist healthcare service and will also make the service more capable of responding to future challenges in the region.

EVRY has built up extensive expertise over many years in the internationally market-leading patient record and medication management solution MetaVision from iMDsoft, which is a system used at over 200 hospitals across 25 countries. This has given EVRY a unique understanding of how to set up comprehensive clinical support across organisational and specialist boundaries at hospitals.

“By opting for the internationally market-leading patient record and medication management solution MetaVision from iMDsoft, the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority has selected an established solution. EVRY has extensive expertise with this solution and possesses a unique understanding of how to set up comprehensive clinical support across organisational and specialist boundaries in hospitals”, comments Kolbjørn Haarr, EVP for EVRY Norway.

EVRY has a major focus on the healthcare sector and delivers both clinical and administrative systems as well as a broad range of implementation, management and operations services. In addition, EVRY’s clinical and technical applications specialists have a thorough understanding of the clinician’s working day and clinicians’ needs in relation to process and decision support. EVRY has played a key role in setting up the existing patient record and medication management solutions at Akershus University Hospital, Oslo University Hospital, and Østfold Hospital in the south-eastern region, with significant gains achieved thanks to the systems introduced.

With more than 100 people dedicated to clinical IT deliveries, EVRY is close to its Nordic customers, and as Norway’s largest IT company EVRY also has a large team providing general IT services to the healthcare sector. EVRY thereby meets a broad range of the healthcare sector’s needs for all aspects of the patient journey.

Geir Remman
VP Corporate Communications
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