Scientific article published about ExpreS2ion’s human candidate HER-2 virus-like particle vaccine, ES2B-C001

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Hørsholm, Denmark, October 24, 2022 – ExpreS2ion Biotech Holding AB’s affiliate ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies ApS (“ExpreS2ion") announces that the journal Biomedicines published an article about the breast cancer vaccine candidate ES2B-C001 titled “Prevention and therapy of metastatic HER-2+ mammary carcinoma with a human candidate HER-2 virus-like particle vaccine”.

Abstract excerpt: “…ES2B-C001 is a promising candidate vaccine for the therapy of tumors expressing HER-2. Preclinical results warrant further development towards human clinical studies.”

This publication is a result of the close research collaboration between University of Bologna and ExpreS2ion as announced in February 2021.

The scientific article reference: Ruzzi F, Palladini A, Clemmensen S, Strøbæk A, Buijs N, Domeyer T, Dorosz J, Soroka V, Grzadziela D, Rasmussen CJ, Nielsen IB, Soegaard M, Semprini MS, Scalambra L, Angelicola S, Landuzzi L, Lollini P-L, Thorn M. Prevention and Therapy of Metastatic HER-2+ Mammary Carcinoma with a Human Candidate HER-2 Virus-like Particle Vaccine. Biomedicines. 2022; 10(10):2654 - The article can also be found via this link, as well as via the Research Publications page of ExpreS2ion’s website.  

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