Proven approach to securing the connected home reaches new heights

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F-Secure will present its comprehensive, cloud-native solution for securing connected homes at the Broadband World Forum.

Helsinki, Finland – October 7, 2020: Cyber security provider F-Secure is scheduled to appear at this year’s virtual Broadband World Forum to show how service providers can meet the growing demands of securing the connected home with the latest iteration of F-Secure SENSE.

“Given that industry leaders from across the globe will join the Broadband World Forum this fall from their home offices or couches is a stark reminder just how important our connected homes have become in 2020,” said F-Secure Vice President of Business Development Paul Palmer. “As demands on our homes’ connectivity have grown, so have consumers’ desire for peace of mind, creating a golden opportunity for service providers to offer their customers proven protection.”

A recent F-Secure report revealed that eight in ten consumers believe smart home device manufacturers are not doing enough to ensure their online security and privacy. That is a very close correlation with the 76% of consumers who feel they could become a victim of cyber crime via their smart home.*

“The demand for a smarter way to secure their most intimate spaces, while keeping their broadband connection fast and reliable, keeps increasing,” Palmer said. “The way to meet that demand is with a comprehensive, turn-key router security offering that providers can make available as a value-added service or bundled with core services. SENSE also delivers a great user experience via an F-Secure app or it can be integrated with the service provider’s own app”.

Palmer says F-Secure’s partners are already benefiting from the update of F-Secure SENSE to its 3rd generation evolution, which enables providers to launch their own cloud services based off the cloud-native SENSE technology.

“Cloud-based SENSE solutions are already rolling out across the globe and providers are finding customers eager for a trusted solution that meets the new realities of connected home security,” explained Palmer.

In addition to security and privacy via the router, a management application allows consumers to control their home security and privacy. Protecting their customers while they are outside the home can be added with endpoint security via F-Secure TOTAL.

“The flexibility of the cloud-native approach to securing home gateways allows us to do incredibly exciting things,” Palmer said. “This is especially true if you look at how we can combine our connected home security with other offerings. For example, we’re already working with partners to deploy SENSE in 5G Fixed Wireless Access as a stepping stone to a fully virtualized connected home solution as well as combining best-in-class WiFi management with best-in-class security with our partners, such as AirTies.”

Paul Palmer will present a keynote address, Holistic protection strategies for Service Providers, on October 13th as part of the Broadband World Forum’s Connected Home Summit. Find out more about F-Secure’s Connected Home Security for Service Providers here.

*Source: The Connected Home’s Second Wave


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