Fabege´s nominating committe for the AGM 2020

At Fabege’s Annual General Meeting on 2 April 2019, it was decided that the Nominating Committee, whose tasks include submitting proposals to Members of the Board, would primarily comprise representatives of the four largest shareholders. The names of the Nominating Committee's members and the owners they represent are to be announced no later than six months before the AGM and are based on the known ownership immediately before the announcement.

In accordance with this decision, the largest shareholders based on ownership as of 31 August 2019 have been offered a membership in the Fabege Nominating Committee and the following Nominating Committee has been formed:

  • Bo Forsén, Chairman and representative for Backahill AB.
  • Eva Gottfridsdotter-Nilsson, representative for Länsförsäkringar funds.
  • Thomas Ehlin, representative The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP4)
  • Peter Guve, representative for AMF Pension.

The Nomination Committee has decided, based on the principles for the appointment of the Nomination Committee adopted by the 2019 Annual General Meeting, that the Chairman of the Board Jan Litborn should be a member of the Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee collectively represents around 26 percent of the voting rights of Fabege.

Before the Annual General Meeting 2020, the Nomination Committee will present proposals regarding the Chair of the Meeting, the number of Board members, the fees payable to each of the Board members, the election of the Board and its Chairperson, the fees payable to the auditor and the selection of the auditor, and, to the extent deemed necessary, proposals for amendments to the Nomination Committee's instruction.

The AGM will be held in Solna on 2 April 2020 at 15:00 pm.

Shareholders who would like to submit proposals to the Nominating Committee can do this by mail to ir@fabege.se or writing to Fabege AB, Nominating Committee, Box 730, SE 169 27 Solna, Sweden

Fabege AB (publ) 

For further information, please contact:
Bo Forsén, Chairman, Nomination Committee +46   70 632 86 50
Åsa Bergström, Vice President and CFO, +46  8 555 148 29, +46 706 66 13 80

Fabege is a property company focusing on city district development and commercial properties. We develop attractive and sustainable districts with modern offices, housing and a broad range of services - together with strategic partners. Both our perspective and approach to ownership are long term and our passion is creating the right conditions for all those living, working and visiting our areas. We have a presence in a limited number of high-growth submarkets in the Stockholm region. Fabege’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, in the Large Cap segment. For more information,  www.fabege.com


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With a focus on commercial properties, Fabege develops attractive locations in the Stockholm area. We are a partner that is present and – with people in focus while being innovative, responsible and flexible – creates conditions for companies, places and our city to develop. We take a long-term approach in our perspective and ownership. We know that when we create sustainably, we also create value. The Fabege share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, in the Large Cap segment. For further information, please visit us at www.fabege.se


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