Factum receive orders for MW-, DAB- and NICAM- equipment

At the opening day of the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam Factum Electronics announced it has recently been awarded several contracts for its MW- DAB- and NICAM equipment.

At the opening day of the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam Factum Electronics announced it has started to provide its latest version of ETI files to two of the largest tier one suppliers to the car industry in Europe. As a part of the agreement, Factum Electronics will work with the clients to set up a pre-defined batch of test vectors used for receiver verification.

The Digital Radio industry has lacked a worked through set of ETI files for its receiver development and verification purposes. Among the many good reasons to choose the Factum set of test vectors, one of the more practical is that the vectors are structured according to World DMB’s receiver profile specification. Moreover, the offer allows low investment and quick set up along with a choice of isolated tests and various maximum limit tests and parameter combinations. It should be noted that Factum base its development of files on about twenty years of experience in digital radio and head end equipment, which also grants a robust chain of signals.

“We believe the increased reliance of digital radio requires a higher standard of receivers and we consider the fast and growing interest of solid validation of receivers as a commitment to the standardization of digital radio”, says Patrik Olsson, CEO of Factum Electronics Holding AB.

Factum has also recently been awarded six different contracts for its DAB- and NICAM equipment.

The DAB projects have different positive aspects; one is together with a new global partner for a project in a new DAB country, one is for the second Factum multiplexer installation in Czech Republic, The third is for service multiplexers in Hong Kong, the fourth is for new equipment and SW upgrades in Australia and the fifth is for new multiplexers in South Korea.

The NICAM supply is made in relatively high volumes to four different partners worldwide.

At the same time Factum also revealed information about an upcoming set of DAB tools originating from its Data Transport Converter, DTC100.

These tools allow broadcaster, network operators and receiver manufacturers to share and record live multiplex streams over IP connected networks. The tool set also includes FIC analyzing and automated documentation of DAB multiplex streams.

For more information, contact Patrik Olsson, CEO, +46734039534 or info@factum.se

About Factum Electronics
Factum Electronics AB (www.factum.se), a wholly owned subsidiary of Factum Electronics Holding AB (First North Nasdaq OMX: FACT, www.factumholding.se), is a world leader in the areas of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), DAB+, DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), and NICAM, digital stereo sound for television broadcasting. Factum Electronics develops and sells system solutions for signal encoding, decoding, and processing and serves professional broadcasting customers in more than 40 countries. Additionally, Factum Electronics develops and sells middleware for receiver chip manufacturers and test & monitoring equipment.