New British-Developed Grill: faster, safer, more energy efficient - and the food tastes better

Synergy 900 is ‘a major advance,’ says Active Food Systems

A new British-manufactured grill aims to change the way commercial kitchens operate. The Synergy 900 saves energy, improves flavour and cooks faster compared to conventional grills. Plus, cleaning is simple since the burner technology means there is no fat or fat tray to deal with.

The technology behind the new grill was first shown at Hotelympia 2012, where it won the Innovation Award. The latest version is a 900mm wide dual burner unit. Active Food Systems say it is a major advance, offering even easier cleaning, a more flexible design and more than double the cooking capacity.

The Synergy 900’s burner features a patented burner that mixes gas with air to increase heat. The heat is forced across the ceramic base, dramatically speeding up cooking and ‘atomising’ the juices that normally drip from the meat. This has a dual effect: instead of coagulating in the fat tray, the juices stay with the meat, enhancing flavour and succulence. At the same time, no waste juices mean there is no need for a fat tray.

“It’s not just a matter of better tasting food, faster cooking and simpler and safer hygiene, the Synergy 900 is also the most energy efficient grill on the market – the burner technology cuts gas consumption by around 40% compared to conventional designs,” says Justin Cadbury of Active Food Systems.

The Synergy 900 measures 900 (w) x 640 (d) x 340mm (h) and is constructed of stainless steel. The cooking grid is made of cast iron, for optimum cooking and searing of the meat, and features an ‘easy lift’ system that allows chefs to adjust the height easily, even while cooking.

The burner technology is fast: it reaches cooking temperature in as little as 10 minutes and can easily cook 84 x 8oz (225gm) sirloin steaks per hour. The two independent burners mean that the grill’s gas consumption and capacity can be adjusted, depending on how busy the site is.

The Synergy 900 Grill is available from Active Food Systems and catering equipment distributors. For more information visit or call +44 (0) 844 800 8891

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Synergy Grill is a British invention with patents throughout the world. It is manufactured in the UK by Active Food Systems, the company that developed the Synergy’s burner technology.

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