Information concerning the request by Rolf Nordström, Anders Vahlne, Peter Horal, Bo Svennerholm and Matti Sällberg for

Information concerning the request by Rolf Nordström, Anders Vahlne, Peter Horal, Bo Svennerholm and Matti Sällberg for an extraordinary meeting of shareholders The Board of Directors of Tripep AB (publ) has been notified that five shareholders representing a total of 5,494,400 shares in the company have requested an extraordinary shareholders meeting to address the issue of election to the Board of Directors. The five shareholders intend to urge the company to repay an amount corresponding to SEK 7.50 per outstanding share and to ensure that the company retains its current business focus, i.e. continues to pursue the preclinical research activities conducted by researchers Vahlne, Horal, Svennerholm and Sällberg. This research has been financed by Tripep, either wholly or in part. The five shareholders have also stated that they oppose the previously announced investment in Ipsat Therapies Oy. In view of the uncertainty prevailing after yesterday's press release, Ipsat Therapies Oy has rejected further negotiations. The Board of Directors sees this as a very serious consequence of the announcement made by the above five shareholders. Unfortunately, the Board of Directors concludes that there is no possibility to complete the deal. Anders Vahlne was a strong supporter of the investment in Ipsat and took part in the previous unanimous decision. The information that has been circulating that the Board of Directors of Tripep had passed a resolution concerning the wind-up of all the company's preclinical research activities is incorrect, although it will be necessary to re-prioritise these projects on business grounds. This has not yet been done. The Board of Directors will be meeting on 26 June 2002 to discuss the best way of proceeding in the current situation. Following this, shareholders will be notified of an extraordinary general meeting. The Board of Directors Tripep AB (publ) ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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