In the Loop - splitting and winding nonstop

Processing of long blocks to roll goods without markings and wrinkles with bandknife splitting machine H 32 LF Loop

Aachen, Germany, 15 May 2018 - The Fecken-Kirfel bandknife splitting machine H 32 LF Loop is suitable for economical processing of long blocks to roll goods. With the cast iron cutting unit integrated in a loop frame, the machine splits material such as flexible PU foam in a particularly efficient and economical way - with consistent and high precision. By means of a laterally positioned wind up device one only person can carry out the roll change in just about 30 seconds without stopping the block. Thanks to a unique new gluing station, now only one person can glue the block ends together much faster than before.

Frame and cutting unit: stable, robust and precise

The robust cast iron body of the cutting unit has a fully automatic bandknife re-adjustment. The modern control and high-precision manufactured mechanical parts allow the precise positioning and guiding of the bandknife. It is possible to achieve a layer thickness tolerance of +/- 0.1 millimeters. Due to the robust construction the block run remains stable even at an operating speed of 150 m/min and guarantees a high cut quality.

Innovative gluing station for more ergonomics and time saving

The new gluing station simplifies the process and guarantees an easy handling. Pierre Schouteten (mechanical engineer of the mechanical components) describes the new development: "One part of the transport conveyor is tiltable downwards. This creates a passage where the operator can spray the block ends with adhesive at ground level. Both - the climbing on the conveyor and the time-consuming masking of the transport rollers - are no longer necessary."

Efficient winding up – change of rolls without material stop

There are two winder variations for precise and wrinkle-free winding of the cut material. The A1 winder is installed directly behind the cutting unit. Ideal for customers who also use the loop in “open loop mode” without gluing the block ends together. With the A1/90 winder next to the transport conveyor belt at a 90° angle to the machine, one only person can carry out the complete roll change. As the block does not need to be stopped for the very easy and fast roll change, we avoid markings on the material. Thanks to its position next to the transport conveyor belt, the A1/90 winder can be easily and ergonomically operated from the ground.

Versatile options for diverse requirements

For the individual adaptation to the needs of the customers there are numerous additional options, e.g. the selectable block length tolerance of up to six meters. Furthermore, an automatic cutting device to cut the rolls to length can be installed before winding. An additional cutting device with rotating circular knives allows the width adjustment trimming of the material per roll or the division into several narrow stripes.

Additionally, a Stationary Cross Cutter, T 1 machine, can be placed inside the looper for frontal trimming of the long block and a side trimmer V116 group allows the lateral trimming of the whole block.


Image 1:

H 32 LF Loop with robust frame for a stable operation and high quality cu

Image 2:

Cutting unit with A1 / 90 winder at a 90° angle to the machine

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