Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2021 well started

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Halfway through the submission period, which runs until May 31, 2021, the organizers are already looking at a good number of entries. The Felix Schoeller Photo Award is announced every two years, this year in the two categories German Peace Prize for Photography and Best Work by an Emerging Photographer. Submissions for the German Peace Prize for Photography currently exceed those for the period in 2019 by a factor of three, while submissions from young professional photographers are roughly on a par with the previous award.

"The number of submissions to the German Peace Award for Photography shows that this category, which was initiated in 2019, has arrived in the community of photographers. The broad interpretation of the contents of the topic of peace is reflected in the broad diversity of the works already submitted. Nevertheless, it can already be seen that the Corona pandemic in all its facets will be a focal point in terms of content," explains Dr. Friederike Texter, organizer of the award. "In the Emerging Photographer Award, we see very diverse work because this category is open in terms of content. We also see that young photographers are being especially affected by the Corona pandemic in their work. This group in particular is very mobile and often receives inspiration for their work during long trips, often abroad. These trips are now largely impossible, making it more difficult for young photographers to find subjects."

So far, work has been submitted from 56 countries. Experience from previous competitions, which have been held since 2013, shows that a large number of submissions are not received until the end of the submission period. Dr. Friederike Texter: "Photographers in university or in training seem to be particularly frequent 'last minute workers'. For the 2019 Felix Schoeller Photo Award, the number of works submitted in the Best Emerging Photographer category in the last week of submissions was once again as high as in the almost five months of submissions before. Those who 'go for the final spurt' may have to expect significantly longer upload times. Therefore, we recommend not waiting until the end of May to submit."

The German Peace Prize for Photography, which is awarded in cooperation with the City of Peace Osnabrück, is endowed with prize money of 10,000 euros. The winner of the Emerging Photographer Award can look forward to prize money of 2,500 euros. In addition, all nominees in the Emerging Photographer category will receive an exclusive online session with a jury member to discuss their work (portfolio presentation). The award ceremony for both categories will take place in a virtual event on October 2, to which all nominees will be connected. They will get to know live which works were the winners. The link to the webstream of the event will be communicated well in advance. On October 3, the opening of the exhibition Winners & Nominees will take place in the Museumsquartier Osnabrück. The exhibition will be shown there until March 2022.





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