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The period following the death of a loved one is a very difficult time for most people. Even if their passing comes as no shock to you, you must give yourself time for the process of grieving. At the same time, you might have to plan and arrange a funeral, which is often stressful. You shouldn’t approach this process on your own if you don’t know how to plan a funeral.

This is why many people turn to professionals for planning and arranging funerals. Searching for “funeral directors near me” will bring you many local companies and funeral agencies, but it is not as simple as just choosing a name.

We’re diving into the methods you should use to choose the ideal funeral director service and undertaker near me to get all the help you need at this time. The service should focus on the people involved, as well as providing a simple and transparent pricing structure so you know exactly what you’re getting, and what the cost will be.

You can use this simple and straightforward tool to locate funeral directors near me and rest assured that they will have your back.

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Finding an undertaker near you, and being sure they will do the job properly, requires more work than just choosing the first funeral home you find in your vicinity. A good company will know the ins and outs of the local area and which cemeteries are available to you, as well as how to plan both religious and non-religious ceremonies.

The Help and Support of Fenix Funeral

Funeral support comes in many different forms. A flexible service such as Fenix Funeral can make all the difference, providing you with a fair and affordable service whether you want a cremation or a burial.

Fenix Funeral has branches throughout the UK, with knowledge of each local vicinity to provide you with a detailed, custom service, which is the least you should expect at this trying time in life.

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Johannes, Mikael and Charlotte, the founders of Fenix, created the service due to their own experiences in the industry. They found that not every funeral agency and director offered the sort of support they needed. The trio spotted a chance to make the funeral business better, by offering more of a reliable service. We do this both by helping people with the planning phase, and also by alleviating the emotional and personal distress at the time. 

The combination of planning a funeral and grieving can be challenging for anyone.

People-First Funerals

Fenix Funeral is proud of the focus on working with customers first, helping them through the unwanted task of funeral planning with minimal distress. Nobody wants to spend their time chasing funeral parlours or trying to get hold of relevant council employees to book a cremation or burial.

By delegating the funeral tasks to Fenix Funeral, you can be sure that you can rely on their knowledge of the local area. Their funeral directors know how to best plan a funeral that goes smoothly and fits the needs of your family and the wishes of your lost loved one. 

Having ta wealth of experience to draw on and work with directly can make all the difference.

Stress-free pricing models

Fenix Funeral provides a pricing model that is stress-free for customers. Rather than having to worry about hidden fees and unclear pricing, it is made clear exactly what you get in each package before you enter into an agreement. You also get a specification of what other fees are incurred, such as obtaining a death certificate.

The price gives you the option to tap into support at any time and takes the burden off your family. You don’t have to spend extreme amounts of time trying to put together a funeral service when you least need this stress. Fenix staff have seen virtually any imaginable type of funeral and worked in the industry long enough to be able to answer any questions, and assist you with all aspects of the funeral.

Support is available in-person or online when you choose to work with Fenix Funerals, and you can visit teams in numerous parts of the UK. All Fenix Funeral directors take pride in the people-first approach to funeral planning. We know you only get one chance to get a funeral right.

There are also lawyers within the team, able to advise you on the paperwork required and the next steps on things like estate planning. You can rest assured that you have taken all the steps that you need to both in planning and alerting the authorities.

Searching for an “undertaker near me” can be a tricky business. You may not struggle to find options in your local area, but do they actually have the expertise and care to meet your needs? This is where Fenix Funeral sets out to be different from the rest. Using our tool, you can be sure you find trusted funeral directors near me.

Avoid Unnecessary Stress When Planning a Funeral

The death of a loved one is always going to be a challenging time for your mental health. Moreover, planning a funeral is a difficult task. When trying to find a funeral parlour near me and working out what sort of service you need to have, you will be dealing with the challenge of grief and all that this entails.

Everyone copes with loss differently, and there is not one solution that works for everyone, However, there are some tips that you can use to prevent extra stress when it comes to planning the event.

Don’t Take Everything on Alone

It can feel like all of the steps of planning a funeral are down to you alone. However, this is not the case. Even if you find that you are ultimately responsible for the funeral, there are plenty of places you can turn for help.

Of course, finding funeral homes near me is a way to take the approach of delegating a lot of the tasks of planning the day itself. However, you may also be able to get significant help from those close to you, and close to the deceased.

Making decisions about readings and the ceremony itself can feel like a burden, both emotionally and mentally. It helps if you are able to make this decision with the help of friends and family. 

It can be heart-wrenching and emotional deciding how the ceremony should play out, but remember that you are not the only person that can have a say. Try to involve your family and take onboard their opinions. On top of this, you can consult with the funeral directors, who may have some ideas about how the day will play out, and what may work well for the ceremony based on your needs and the final wishes of the deceased.

If a loved one has a will, there is a chance that they have already laid out some of the details of their funeral and what they wish for. For instance, a relative may have made clear that they want to be cremated after they have passed.

Remember The Reasons for Funeral Planning

Without a “why” you might struggle more to plan a funeral and take on the burdens that it can involve.

Plan the funeral based on what you think is best for your loved ones, and remember that there is a reason for this day. You are creating a memorial of someone’s life, and though it is a cliche to say, a funeral is also a celebration of someone rather than just something that needs to be done. This is your chance to pay tribute to your loved one.

Take Away the Pressure of “Perfect”

Besides the planning, the things that make a funeral go well are usually sentiment and people. As long as everyone has the right intentions for a funeral, and wish to make the day go as well as possible, then you are on the right track. There are many ways to have a perfect funeral, and you don’t have to stress about every little detail beforehand.

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For those who are likely to worry about those little details in advance, one of the best decisions you could possibly make is to tap into the knowledge of a funeral parlour near me that has a detailed knowledge of the steps needed to create a funeral. Delegating tasks to someone that has booked dozens, or even hundreds of funerals before, can be one of the best ways to take the strain off. The idea of perfection is definitely something that you need to let go of when it comes to planning, just ensure you have the best possible people working on the funeral.

Chat to a Funeral Director as Early as You Can

Funeral directors should be experts in what they do. At Fenix Funerals, you’re tapping into a team with a huge amount of experience. 

It’s natural to have a lot of questions at this time. If you’ve never planned a funeral before then it can be incredibly difficult. While you are grieving, it is possible that all of these different questions will be swimming around in your head and causing you to worry. If you’ve never known the process before then it can help you so much to get the answers to all of your questions.

Talking to a knowledgeable funeral director can put your mind at ease. They know that you have a lot of questions, and someone working in the industry is likely to have a lot of answers to those questions. Simply knowing that you are in good hands can help you to feel at ease, knowing that nothing is going to get missed.

If you get the right feeling about a funeral director and you know that they have the expertise you need, you can opt for one of the packages to ensure that you know that you have covered everything you need. 

Look After Your Mental Health

If you think that you are starting to find things difficult emotionally and mentally then it is time to take steps to put yourself first. Your mental health is paramount.

Although things can feel like a whirlwind in this hard time, you can find that you need to take a step back and give yourself the chance to grieve. This is why so many people delegate the logistics to other people. Finding a funeral director near me can allow you to take the decisions around the funeral, but also means you won’t be spending time on stressful tasks such as chasing up contacts.

On top of this, you need to ensure that you talk to someone if you feel like the mental strain is getting on top of you. Many people find that having someone to talk to is crucial. Fenix Funeral offers bereavement support and advice with every package from a trained team. We know how difficult this time is, and that in order to plan a funeral, you need some help coping with the grief.

A Funeral Director Within Your Budget

Finding a funeral director near me doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to have to spend a lot of money to get what you want in terms of help and support.

Fenix Funeral believes in providing excellent support at a reasonable price. That’s why costs for the funeral director services start at £995, as well as the costs that are inevitably run up during the process. When you choose a package, you can see every aspect of what you are getting for the money, and what extra costs you are going to have to pay. Understanding everything up front means no nasty surprises along the way.

If you are opting for a cremation, prices are likely to be cheaper. 

FAQs When Planning a Funeral

What Fees Need to be Paid Besides Funeral Director Services?

It’s possible that you will have to pay fees on top of the services of the funeral directors, including the purchase of a grave, and a memorial headstone. With Fenix, memorial headstones start at £1,195. You may also have to pay a celebrant fee of £205, and a fee to obtain the death certificate. These are standard fees.

Should I Get a Bespoke Funeral Plan?

Although many funeral plans will cover a huge amount of the help and support you need, you can put together a bespoke plan if you have unique and specific needs from a funeral. All of the funeral plans from Fenix are transparent, and include bereavement support.

What Happens to The Body?

If a loved one dies in hospital, then the body will likely be stored at the hospital. Funeral directors may give you the option to store the body with them, and even organize a hearse to transport the body to the cremation or funeral service.

Is Funeral Planning Distressing?

While you will definitely be grieving at this time, funeral directors can offer you support, including bereavement support. Though it is a time when you will be grieving, the process of creating a memorial for a loved one can also be a cathartic experience for those who are bereaved.