Fidesmo in collaboration with Invis Wearables

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Stockholm 3rd of April 2019 – The Polish wearable company Invis Wearables and the Swedish tech company Fidesmo collaborate to bring contactless payments to the Invis connected strap.

Invis Wearables offers a connected strap that increases the functionality of a classic watch. The strap comes with services such as activity monitoring, notification control, loss prevention and alarms. The wearable company has now started a collaboration with Fidesmo to bring contactless services to the Invis Strap, contactless payments being one of them. Fidesmo’s payment offering, Fidesmo Pay, will make it possible for the users to connect their payment card, enabling them to tap and pay with the strap.

”The collaboration with Fidesmo opens many opportunities for Invis Wearables to reach the global mobile payments market. We believe that paying with a classic watch brings together two worlds: fashion and technology. The wrist is the perfect place on the human body for wearable payments. The number of transactions made by wearable devices is growing fast. Research from market intelligence firm Tractica finds that wearable payments will represent approximately 20% of the total mobile proximity transaction volume, which is expected to grow to $501.1bn by 2020. We are happy to start working with Fidesmo and bring payments to classic watches”, says Piotr Muranty, CEO Invis Wearables.

“We are proud to collaborate with Invis Wearables, and to start working to fill their connected strap with contactless services”, says Mattias Eld, CEO and co-founder at Fidesmo.

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Piotr Muranty
CEO Invis Wearables


Hanna Olsson
Consumer marketing manager, Fidesmo


About Fidesmo
Fidesmo makes it possible to add payment and other contactless services, such as public transport tickets, office/hotel keys, and loyalty schemes, to a single card or wearable. The Swedish technology company provides a streamlined integration process for manufacturers to add contactless services to their devices and for contactless service providers to distribute their services without any hardware overhead to many devices. Fidesmo was founded in 2013 and has its headquarters in Stockholm and R&D offices in Madrid. Read more at





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