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Stockholm, the 16th of June 2020 – Swedish tech company Fidesmo enters a collaboration with the UK based NFC wearable company Kiroco, to bring wearable contactless payments to the market. 

Kiroco, a leader in the design, manufacture and licensing of innovative and on-trend NFC jewellery, launch their K-pay wearable collection supported by Fidesmo Pay. The K-pay designs are stylish and contemporary allowing the payment wearables to become an extension of a person’s lifestyle and a reflection of their personality. The collection consists of bracelets, pendants and key fobs, made in various metals and stones, including hallmarked sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. The collaboration with Fidesmo Pay, makes it possible for the user to connect their payment card to a K-pay wearable to make secure and convenient contactless payments. 

- As the company that created the world’s first NFC interactive jewellery we are delighted to join forces with Fidesmo, as our first tokenized payment provider. We feel that with their vision for this marketplace, backed by our design and innovation in wearables and our patent portfolio, it’s an exciting collaboration, says Fiona Cartwright, Sales and Marketing Director and Co-founder, Kiroco.

- Fidesmo is very proud to enter a collaboration with Kiroco who have been on the frontline of creating smart jewellery for many years. We are looking forward to further establishing wearable payments on the market together with Kiroco, says Mattias Eld, CEO and Co-founder, Fidesmo.

Supported payment cards from several European banks in multiple regions are able to be connected to the K-pay collection, with more to come. Visit to see the K-pay collection or go to for more information about the payment service.

Mattias Eld, 
CEO and Co-founder, Fidesmo
+46 730787307

Fiona Cartwright, Sales and Marketing Director and Co-founder, Kiroco
+44 7850641461

About Fidesmo
Fidesmo makes it possible to connect contactless services, such as payment, public transport tickets, office/hotel and car keys, to both passive and active devices. The wearable payment service Fidesmo Pay launched in 2019 together with several fashion brands, providing wearables with payment functionality. The Swedish technology company provides a streamlined integration process for manufacturers to add contactless services to their devices and for contactless service providers to distribute their services without any hardware overhead to many devices. Fidesmo was founded in 2013 and has its headquarters in Stockholm and R&D offices in Madrid. Read more about us at

About Kiroco
Kiroco, based in the UK, is a leading NFC wearables company, specialising in the design, manufacture and licensing of digital jewellery. Leading the way with innovation in this field and with a patent portfolio Kiroco delivers NFC interactive jewellery that incorporates an embedded, specialised communication chip. This gives the jewellery a multitude of uses e.g. making contactless payments, storing private data, activating apps, and giving access to events and buildings to name a few. Businesses wanting to enter the contactless payment arena have a number of options to choose when working with Kiroco - white lable Kiroco’s existing payment wearables range, Kiroco can design and manufacture new wearables for businesses or a business can license to design and manufacture their own wearables.





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