Strong booking trend for First Camp

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Business on the books for First Camp, the largest campsite chain in Scandinavia, for July-August is currently 25 percent higher than in 2020, and 13 percent higher than 2019, which was a record year.

The camping industry is facing a bright future, thanks to increased domestic vacation. This trend has been accelerated due to Covid-19. Also, retailers report strong sales of caravans and motor caravans. First Camp, with 40 destinations in Sweden and 6 in Denmark, gained market share in 2020.

Business on the books for July-August are high, +25 percent vs. 2020 and +13 percent vs. 2019. However a large share of bookings are made close to arrival, and there is uncertainty regarding to what extent international guests in Sweden and Denmark will return fully already this summer.

In the second quarter of 2021, revenues of First Camp Group AB increased by 23 percent vs. 2020. Revenues decreased by 14 percent vs. 2019, due to cross-border travel restrictions. All numbers are proforma, for the same number of destinations.

Our investments to create even better guest experiences have paid off. In preparation for this summer we have invested more than ever in our destinations, and we have a more extensive activity program this summer,” says Johan Söör, CEO of First Camp.

Furthermore, we have continued to develop how we work digitally, and during the spring we have implemented new technical solutions for Revenue Management and digital marketing, among others. These solutions are based on the latest AI technology and we are following our ambition to be at the absolute forefront of the travel industry, in order to make things even more easy for our guests.”

This release concerns the 44 destinations that are owned by First Camp Group AB. Two destinations are currently owned by a sister company to First Camp Group but are operated as part of First Camp.

Top 3 destinations in Sweden with highest business on the books for July-August:

  1. First Camp Solvik – Kungshamn
  2. First Camp Råå Vallar – Helsingborg
  3. First Camp Tylösand – Halmstad

Top 3 destinations in Denmark with highest business on the books for July-August:

  1. First Camp Hasmark Strand – Fyn
  2. First Camp Bøsøre Strand – Fyn
  3. First Camp Lakolk Strand – Rømø

For further information, please contact:

Johan Söör
CEO, First Camp and United Camping group