Fiskars' Hand Cultivating Tools

Fiskars’ compact and versatile line of Big Grip tools is great for a wide variety of outdoor projects. From transplanting plants to removing weeds, these tools help with essential garden tasks. All five of the Big Grip tools feature an extra-large handle with a soft-molded grip, providing excellent control and comfort, while an extra-large aluminum head resists rust. The handles also feature a hang hole for easy storage. All Big Grip tools are backed by Fiskars' lifetime warranty. 

  • Big Grip Transplanter - Ideal for transplanting small plants and flowers, and with gradation marks on the blade, the transplanter makes measuring depths for successful transplants easy. 
  • Big Grip Cultivator - The cultivator is great for removing weeds as well as loosening and aerating soil. The large, sharp offset tines enable maximum soil contact helping to speed work.
  • Big Grip Trowel - With a large scoop and a sharpened blade edge that cuts into the ground with ease, the trowel is ideal for digging into tough soil.
  • Big Grip Knife - Featuring a sharpened blade with serrated edge, the knife is great for a variety of garden tasks, from digging to slicing through sod and opening bags. 
  • Big Grip Weeder - The weeder is ideal for removing dandelions, thistles and other invasive weeds. A curved head with forked tines provides plenty of leverage to easily pull the entire root free. 

About Us

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