Fiskars' PowerGear2™ Pruning Tools

Fiskars' PowerGear2™ tools have been completely re-engineered to make the best-performing garden cutting tools even better. PowerGear2™ tools are the result of the extensive study of the way a body interacts with a tool to help create the optimal user experience, whether cutting stems and thick branches or trimming hedges and shrubs. For gardeners and yard care takers of any experience-level, Fiskars' PowerGear2™ tools can help make cutting tasks easier and more enjoyable.

Advanced mechanics

  • Redesigned patent-pending elliptical gear with integrated cam mechanism (on pruners and loppers) optimizes power in the middle of the cut—where the branch is the thickest and the user’s strength is the weakest
  • Technology provides more cutting power than a standard single-pivot tool and helps reduce fatigue during prolonged use

Advanced blade design

  • New blade geometry and processing provides the optimal balance of sharpness, strength, low friction and rust resistance

Advanced comfort & control

  • Modified oval handle shape provides a more natural fit
  • Enlarged handle grips with strategically positioned Softgrip® touchpoints improve control and help prevent blisters whether gripping on the ends for more leverage on thick branches or closer to the blade in tight spaces

Advanced durability

  • Robust, reinforced connections for blades, gears and handles provide added strength
  • Backed by a full lifetime warranty good for as long as the user owns the product

Fiskars PowerGear2™ tools

Hand pruners

  • PowerGear2™ Softgrip® Pruner (9279-1); 3/4" cut capacity
  • PowerGear2™ Pruner (9104 -1); 3/4" cut capacity


  • PowerGear2™ Bypass Lopper-32" (9480-1); 2" cut capacity
  • PowerGear2™ Bypass Lopper-25" (9477-1); 1.75" cut capacity
  • PowerGear2™ Bypass Lopper-18" (9475-1); 1.5" cut capacity

Hedge shears

  • PowerGear2™ Hedge Shears-23" (9286 -1); 10" cutting length

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