Fiskars Brings Scissors Innovation to the Kitchen

Fiskars, a worldwide leader in cutting tools, is serving up a fresh new take on kitchen shears. A natural extension of its Original Orange-Handled Scissors collection, each shear is speedy, easy and designed to be a little bit different. All four shears are dishwasher safe, feature a sheath for safe storage and blade protection and are backed by Fiskars’ lifetime warranty.

  • Fast-prep Herb Shears – These 5” shears are ideal chopping and mincing herbs and veggies directly over the bowl. The smaller blades and a spring-action design allow for quick, precise cutting.
  • Fast-prep Kitchen Shears – These 7” shears are ideal for quickly chopping veggies, meat, fish and chicken directly over the bowl. The longer blades and a spring-action design make quick work of food prep and portioning.
  • Heavy-duty Butcher Shears  – With serrated blade edge grips for improved control when cutting slippery materials, these shears are great for making healthy cuts on meat, poultry, fish and bone as well as for trimming fat. The long, curved tapered blades make precise cuts in tight spaces easier.
  • All-purpose Kitchen Shears – These shears featuring a power notch that cuts cleanly through bone without slipping or wearing on the blades are ideal for cutting herbs, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and even bone. The All-purpose shears also feature an herb stripper with adjustable diameter to quickly remove leaves from stems. 

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