Take Back the Backyard with New Tools for Clearing Growth

This new range of five tools offers a smarter way to clear, cut back and remove unwanted growth in the yard and garden.

Superior efficiency and versatility

One-handed use makes it easy to grab and pile cuttings, and ultra-sharp blades with a low-friction, rust-resistant coating glide through tough materials without sticking.

The blades are thoughtfully shaped for a range of tasks, including swinging, pull-cuts, push-cuts, scraping, sawing and more.

  • Billhook: trim shoots and stems, divide plants, edge borders
  • Billhook Saw: trim shoots and stems, saw branches, cut vines
  • Hatchet: chop roots, vines, small branches and palms
  • Machete: clear brush, cut branches and palms
  • Machete Axe: clear brush, cut branches and palms, chop roots

Each tool includes a nylon sheath for safe storage and transport.

Performance handle design with intelligent texture pattern

The optimized handle design maximizes comfort and control while providing versatile hand positioning for different uses. A handle flare helps keep the tool firmly in hand when swinging and a finger guard offers added protection.

Strategically varied grip texture features large dimples where fingers rest for maximum grip and small dimples where the palm rests to help prevent blisters. 

Full lifetime warranty