BJ Sam has brought music stars from all the continents of the world to sing together in harmony.

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BJ Sam, the international trailblazing musician who brings music stars and professional vocalists from all the continents of the world together for international projects and collaborations, has released another global mind-blowing song with a beautifully breathtaking music video, titled, "I will be loving you till the end",  featuring singers from each continent of the world to celebrate cultural, racial, ethnic and music diversities.

The featured artistes includes multiples Grammy nominated Swedish Bassist Magnus Rosén who is considered as one of the top 10 bassists in the world, Australian screen legend Cindy Pritchard, Haitian TV Host- Singer Nadege Noel, Hollywood singer Marissa Phifer, Austrian famous violinist Susanne Hehenberger, Brazilian pop sensation Catarina Rosa and Diel Rodrigues, famous Guinean music stars Azaya and Djelykaba Bintou, Hong Kong international DJ/Singer DJ Hayley Man, Russian Opera Singer Lida Lyubimova, Swedish music maestro George Keczan, Malian music star Safi Diabaté, French Songstress Sylvie Burger, Italian orchestra leader Marcello Ghio and Roberta Petrini, German international athlete/singer Paul Walschburger and Glausmusik, New Zealand Singer Eddie Simon, Brazilian finest drummer Fabio Buitvidas, Chinese singer Zeng Wai Lam and Nigerian genius guitarist Anny Guitar.

All these gifted artistes drew on every last drop of their creativity and skills to give an impeccable music that transcends all geographical, language and cultural barriers, just to unite the world and encourage international cultural exchange between nations of the world. This is the very first time the whole universe is singing together in harmony.

Just imagine how beautiful the world will be if we have more songs like this.

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About BJ Sam!

BJ Sam is an international trailblazing musician who  brings music stars and professional vocalists from all the continents of the world together for international projects and collaborations.

Over the years, BJ Sam has been innovating and exploring new genres of music in each of his composition refusing to be fenced in by genre line, pouring out all his imagination, creativity, and talent into creating music and contents that will brings joy, melody and brilliance to the universe. His fans around the world refer to him fondly as “Sammy Wonder” due to his distinctive beautiful voice and heartfelt lyrics which compelled the popular American film director, Lloyd Kaufman,  the co-founder of Troma entertainment to personally select his song "Mon Amour" as the Soundtrack for the Hollywood movie titled “Heart of Fatness”.

BJ Sam has written two books "Before the sunrise" and "The wonderful gift of music" which are available on all online bookstore.

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