Official opening of FlexLink’s new International Distribution Center

The new facilities of FlexLink’s International Distribution Center (IDC), Engineering Center and local operations of FlexLink Systems Polska were inaugurated at a ceremony on November 22nd.

The industry’s demands on quick and accurate deliveries are higher than ever and the supply chain is considered a competitive advantage for FlexLink. With the new operations, FlexLink has insourced the delivery services and combined it with complementary services to keep full control of the delivery performance to its customers. The combined operations holds capacities in engineering, preassembly of conveyor systems and product handling functions, warehousing and the international distribution center.

The location also hosts the local sales unit, FlexLink Systems Polska, serving the Polish and Baltic markets, making it a powerful hub for FlexLink’s business and its customers.

In his inauguration speech, Mattias Perjos, FlexLink’s CEO, pointed out the strategic importance of the new operations. “The investment in the new IDC operations demonstrates FlexLink’s commitment to offer the best delivery capability in its business. The operations represents not only a major step forward, it also implies the continuous development throughout the distribution chain, from the ordering of components, to fast track assembly of systems and the shipment to customers.”

The location in Plewiska, outside Poznan in Poland, is a developed area with good infrastructure – a crucial issue for the daily shipments serving FlexLink’s sales units, partners and more than 8,000 customers, worldwide.

“What explicitly speaks for the region is our skilled team and the developed infrastructure making it possible for us to have full control of the logistics processes. The transfer from our previous distribution center in Germany went very smoothly and we managed to start the deliveries even before the new center was officially in operation.” comments Peter Lindkvist, FlexLink’s project leader for establishing the new operations.

Due to the co-location of operations, it has been possible to create efficient and lean oriented working processes.

“Fulfilling our delivery promises to customers, down to the single component, is a critical issue in order to live up to their high requirements on us as a leading provider within production logistics. The new IDC and combined service center has world class capacity in its field and give us the right tools to live up to high expectations and to excel in customer service level.” Peter Lindkvist concludes.

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FlexLink is a leading production logistics supplier – providing material and information flow management solutions to assembly and manufacturing industries. Headquartered in Göteborg, Sweden, FlexLink operates sales units in 23 countries and is represented in more than 60. In 2011, FlexLink had 716 employees and the group turnover was 1,614 million SEK (179 M€).

FlexLink is part of the Coesia Group consisting of 13 companies specialized in the production of automated machinery, related products and services. In 2011, the Coesia Group had a turnover of 1,149 million Euro and 4700 employees (FlexLink figures included). 

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FlexLink is a world-class factory automation expert. Working closely with global customers, we provide innovative, automated solutions to produce goods smarter, safer and at lower operating costs. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, FlexLink has operating units in 30 countries and is represented in more than 60. In 2016, FlexLink had 989 employees and a turnover of SEK 2,114 million / € 223 million. FlexLink is part of Coesia, an innovation based Group consisting of 14 companies specialized in automated machinery and industrial process solutions. For 2015, the Coesia Group had a turnover of € 1,534 million and 6,000 employees.