Flowbox releases Android app

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You ask and we listen! We are constantly working on improving the Flowbox platform to make it more valuable for our clients. As Flowbox is growing rapidly, we are continuously investing in new features and updates for an easier and more optimized experience.

So, what is the latest from our tech team?

Flowbox app for Android
Thanks to all of the feedback that we gained from our Flowboxers, we have now released our Flowbox app for Android. Android users can now enjoy using notification publishing to Instagram. In addition, the iOS app has also been updated.

Flowbox supports different notification channels for Instagram publishing, the Flowbox Publish app being one of said notification alternatives. When it's time to publish something, a push notification in the Flowbox Publish app will be sent to your device.

If you haven't already downloaded our Flowbox app to your Android device, you can read about how to install it here. And here’s how to publish an Instagram post or story via the Android app:

  1. Log into your Instagram account and make sure it is the right one.
  2. A push notification will appear in the Flowbox Publish Android app when it’s time to post.
  3. Open the Flowbox Publish Android app.
  4. In the first 'Upcoming' tab, your scheduled posts will appear on top with a blue ‘READY’ status. If you want to delete a post in the list, swipe the post item to the left.
  5. Tap on the post that you want to publish (with the blue ‘READY’ status).
  6. In the post view, tap on the 'Export' button in the upper-right corner. The post media will be downloaded to your device and the post caption will be automatically copied to your phone’s clipboard.
  7. Tap on the blue 'Open Instagram app' button at the bottom to open the Instagram app. In your phone’s settings you can toggle ‘ON’ so that the Instagram app will automatically open.
  8. Tap the +- button (New post) in the upper-right corner inside the Instagram app.
  9. Select the wanted media files and curate your post/story manually in the Instagram app.
  10. Tap on “Share” in the upper-right corner when you are done.
  11. Your post/story is now published on Instagram!

In more updates from the tech team:

Top Flows in Insight
You no longer have to wonder which of your Flows performs the best among your visitors. Simply look at the updated component in the commercial tab of Insights, where a top five list of your best performing Flows in terms of conversion rate and sales is now displayed. These statistics are a great indicator of where on your site you might want to drive more traffic to.

First comment support in Publish
Noticed that both people and brands sometimes post a list of hashtags as a comment on their newly published posts instead of in the caption? That’s because they want to increase the potential exposure of their post without necessarily having to compromise with the aesthetics of the post.

We have now automated this behavior with our latest Publish update. When scheduling a post using the Auto Publish method, you can directly add optional text that you want published as a comment instantly once the post goes live. You both save time and make sure your hashtags are connected to the post.

Enhancements to UGC DPA
Our UGC DPA functionality has also been updated. We made improvements to the import experience of catalogs in csv-format to make sure that Facebook can fetch any additional user generated content connected to your products. We have also made sure that both our own custom_labels and Flowbox generated custom_labels can be included in the new DPA catalog.

Monthly updates from the Flowbox tech team are available in our Support Center.

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Olivia Carloni, Marketing Intern, Flowbox