Flowboxer of the month - January 2021: Boob Design

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What a way to start 2021… The Flowboxer of the month is, for the second time, Boob Design!

The Swedish maternity clothing brand has struck again! With more than 20 years of experience and stores in 18 countries, the brand has shown some great creativity when it comes to user generated content.

Last October, they won Flowboxer of the month for innovatively incorporating Flowbox flows in their brand storytelling by showcasing their history through images, which they did by using the custom post function in Flowbox. Click here to check out the article on their first win. But their innovation did not stop there…

For January 2021, Boob won again, but this time thanks to the way that they have used our Flows to incorporate reviews. Boob collected reviews of some of their products and connected them with the corresponding content, featuring images alongside with the words from their own customers. The result looks amazing:

From a technical standpoint, they used the library tool in Flowbox in order to create their own post, and then implemented the previously collected reviews as the description of the pictures. This is a method we had never seen before, which obviously impressed us, as the company-wide voting crowned Boob the winner yet again. They never cease to surprise us!

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Lucas Bouffort, Product Marketing and Content Intern, Flowbox